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10 Cat Breeds With Manes Like a Lion (With Pictures)

If you’ve ever had a cat, the phrase “tiny lion” is bound to be familiar. Domestic cats may be diminutive in size, but many have the big attitude, lazy languor, and majestic appearance of the King of the Jungle.

So which kitties have the most impressive manes? Here are 10 of the best long-haired cat coifs to ever grace the head of these small monarchs.cat face divider 2

10 Cat Breeds With Manes Like a Lion

1. Maine Coon

calico maine coon cat face closeup_Andriy Blokhin_Shutterstock
Image Credit: Andriy Blokhin, Shutterstock

This American native breed is huge and luxuriously furred. Though they may look a tad ferocious with their Lynx-like size and voluminous fur, Main Coon cats are sweet and gentle giants.

Their dense coat and powerful build make them well-suited to outdoor life and colder climates.

Main Coons are the largest of all the domestic cat breeds, and one of only three official state cats.


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2. Persian

Persian cat
Image Credit: DecemberDah, Shutterstock

This iconic feline was thought to have originated in Iran and was first documented in Europe in the 1600s. Since their rise to fame in the Victorian era, Persian cats have become one of the most popularly pedigreed cats in the United States.

All that silky fur is quite high maintenance, but the affectionate and expressive Persian will lap up all attention you can lavish upon them – and then some!

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3. Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat
Image: Pixabay

Norwegian Forest cats are another large, beautifully maned breed. They are recognizable by their tufted ears and paws, sturdy build, fluffy double coat, and highly amicable nature.

“Wegies” get along with everyone, and love spending time with their family – human, feline, and even canine!

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4. Ragdoll

ragdoll cat
Image: Pixabay

Ragdoll cats are fluffy, sweet, and shed remarkably little for all their poof. That plush mane is just one coat, which requires significantly less grooming but also means they are poorly suited for cold climates.

They are famed for their large, brilliantly blue eyes, soft coats, and affectionate personalities.

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5. Siberian

mackerel siberian tabby cat sitting on the grass
Image Credit: Massimo Cattaneo, Shutterstock

A Russian native, these generously furred cats originated in chilly Siberia. Their mane and dense, triple coat helps keep vital organs warm and insulates them from the harsh winters of their homeland.

Siberians have historically been used as farm cats and pest control, as well as family companions. These medium-large cats are easy-going, loving, and fairly active hunters.

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6. Himalayan

Himalayan Cat
Image: Pixabay

Himalayans are a medium-sized breed, but their extraordinary masses of fur often give them the appearance of a much larger cat.

And though their big mane may look leonine, Himalayans have a kitten-like attitude and are both playful and cuddly. They are happiest when cuddling on your lap or dashing about the home.

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7. Birman

Sacred Birman
Image: Pixabay

The “Sacred Cat of Burma” is famed for its silken fur, fluffy mane, and piercing blue eyes.

They are elegant, refined, and do not shed much. The Birman’s single-layered coat is not well suited for cold, outdoor play and this feline will likely prefer being a lap cat than an explorer.

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8. Ragamuffin

White and brown ragamuffin cat
Image: Pikrepo

Like the Himalayan, Ragamuffins are all fluff. Behind those big, oval eyes and underneath that flowing mane, they are a relatively small breed.

Ragamuffins are famed for their adaptability and docility, which makes them perfect apartment cats.

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9. LaPerm

tri-color laperm cat
Image: Linn Currie, Shutterstock

The curious curls of the LaPerm cat are the result of a genetic mutation. Who knew mutants could look so fashionable?

Though they look fancy, LaPerm cats require little grooming attention and don’t shed much either. They make friendly, curious, and loving companions.

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10. Turkish Angora

white turkish angora cat
Image: Pxfuel

The lushest of the lush, no feline can beat the mane of the Turkish Angora.

Originating somewhere in the 15th century, the Turkish Angora has a prim and sophisticated look. Despite their delicate appearance, these cats are known as independent and mischievous tricksters. They love being the boss but enjoy attention and affection just as much.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for an outdoorsy, miniature-Lynx or feline royalty to pamper – there’s a luxuriously maned kitty cat out there for you!