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9 Missing Cat Poster Templates (& Useful Search Tips!)

Losing a pet is a terrifying ordeal and something every pet owner dreads. You are probably beside yourself if your pet snuck outside on you or hasn’t returned home from his daily outdoor adventure. If this is outside of their normal behavior, you might consider hanging up missing cat posters in your neighborhood to help expedite their return.

Keep reading to find nine missing cat poster templates to make the process simple so you can focus on what matters most—getting your cat back.


The Top 9 Missing Cat Poster Templates

1. Bright Two Photo Template

This bright poster is eye-catching and to the point. You should use bright colored paper when printing this poster so it’s easy to see as people are driving or walking by where you’ve hung it.

The “LOST CAT” proclamation at the top of the sign will draw people in so they’ll be more apt to read the rest of the sign. There are two spots to insert photos of your cat, so be sure to choose one that showcases his facial features and a full body shot so people can clearly see his unique markings.

The poster contains the pet’s name, when he went missing, and where and when he was last seen. You can include other pertinent information in smaller print, such as what name he goes by and how he might act if a stranger approaches him.

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2. Official Looking Template

This template may not be as flashy to look at but it contains all the necessary information people will need about your missing pet. The red font and white space make it look similar to a missing child poster which we think will catch people’s eye immediately.

This template is to-the-point, and its bullet-point format will be easy for people to scan and digest quickly. It contains important information such as the name, sex, age, breed, and approximate size of your pet. There’s space to put one photo as well as white space below that to include another if you so wish.

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3. Tearaway Template

This modern take on a missing cat poster is rather nice to look at and efficient in getting the important information across. One thing we liked about this template is that it has tear-off tabs so people in your neighborhood can take your contact information with them. Not everyone travels with a phone in their pocket, so having the tearaway tabs gives those folks an easy way to take your phone number with them in case they do come across your missing pet at some point.

This template doesn’t have as much space for information as some of the others, but it has room to include the most essential information.

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4. Grey and Yellow Template

This grey and yellow missing pet poster template is bright and eye-catching. It has plenty of space to include essential information about your pet, such as their name, breed, identifying characteristics, and when and where they were last seen. The bright yellow “LOST PET!” proclamation at the top—as well as the yellow block on the bottom quarter of the poster—will draw people’s attention and make it easy for them to know exactly what the poster is about without having to stop and read it.

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5. Simple Red Template

This simple poster is an official-looking missing pet template that looks a lot like a missing child poster. Its bright red accents will grab anyone’s attention immediately. Only the most important information about your missing cat will be included on this poster including his name, breed, and color. There’s a huge spot to put an image of your kitty and an eye-catching black box to include a reward if you choose to offer one.

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6. Blue Paw Print Template

This missing cat template is straightforward and to the point. Its blue background with paw print detail is attention-grabbing which is what you want in a missing pet poster. There are four bullet points you can use to add pertinent information about your kitty, though we do recommend making the font a bit bigger so it’s easier to read on the go. It includes a banner in the top left corner to add a reward incentive, too.

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7. Blue & Pink Template

This blue template has all the makings of an effective missing cat poster. Its bright pink “MISSING” wording and phone number font is eye-catching on the blue background. The photo spot is big so you can include a detailed photo that showcases all of your pet’s unique characteristics. The reward graphic is customizable and removable if you choose not to include one. The bottom of the poster features tearaway tabs so folks can grab your name and number in case they have a run-in with your pet at a future time.

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8. Digital Template

If you’re looking to take your hunt to the internet, this digital template is a perfect choice. Its aesthetically pleasing design is eye-catching without being overloaded with too much information. You’ll need to provide only the most essential information such as your cat’s name, a short description of them, where they were last seen, and your contact information. You can add in a reward if you so wish as well. The background is animated so it’s a great pick for your Instagram page. Try reaching out to local Instagram influencers or small businesses to see if they’ll repost your call for help on their accounts to reach more people.

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9. Basic Template

Sometimes basic is best. There’s no need to deck your poster out with fancy graphics and fonts. This super simple template offers the bare minimum in design but is still eye-catching enough to garner attention. The LOST PET headline is prominent without being too overbearing. Half of the poster is meant to display an image (or images) of your lost cat and the other half will contain the information people need to know to help you find them. It features tearaway tabs for anyone passing by to grab and hold onto in case they run into your cat on their travels.

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What Should You Include on a Missing Cat Poster?

The contents of your missing cat poster are essential. If you don’t include enough information, you’re not providing people with what they need to know to help you find your pet. If your poster is too bogged down with information, people might not want to stop and read it. The folks you’ll be reaching with your poster will be driving or walking by so you need to include the most important information to catch their eye while not bombarding them with your pet’s life story. You only have a few seconds to capture their attention, and if you miss the mark, people won’t bother to stop and read your plea.

Below you’ll find the essential information you will need to include on your missing cat posters.

An Attention-Grabbing Headline

As you probably noticed in most of the templates we shared, there is a word or two at the top of the poster in big and bold font to grab people’s attention. The headline needs to be short and concise. A phrase like “MISSING!” or “LOST CAT” will be effective because they’re to the point. The font needs to be big, bolded, and potentially in a different color depending on the template you’re using.

Your Cat’s Name

You should include your missing cat’s name on the poster. Not only will this make your plea feel more personal to the people who read your poster, but it could potentially help someone coax a scared kitty out of hiding. If your neighbors know your cat’s name, they can use it to call to them if they find them cowering in a hiding spot somewhere.

An Appearance Description

Even though your poser should also have an image of your cat, it’s worthwhile to describe their main characters on it, too. What kind of coloring does your kitty have? Do they have a unique marking on their back or forehead? You might wish to leave one main identifying characteristic out of your description which you can then use to verify with someone that the cat they’ve found is indeed yours.

An Image or Two

Your poster needs to have at least one picture of your missing cat. Cats of similar breeds can look very similar if not almost identical. Without an image of your kitty, well-meaning neighbors could be snatching up outdoor cats believing that they belong to you. The best image is one that showcases their face, body markings, or both if you have a great picture or space on the poster for two images.

Contact Information

Your poster needs to include your phone number in a large and simple-to-read font. You might also consider adding tearaway tabs so people can rip off your contact info and have it at the ready in case they come across your missing kitty on their travels.

Date and Location Last Seen

It’s important to provide when and where you last saw your cat on your poster. This provides people in the neighborhood with a rough idea of where to be on the lookout for your pet. Be as descriptive as possible here. For example, “Bella was last seen on the corner of 5th Avenue and King Street at 1:30 pm on August 2nd.”

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Where Should You Display Your Missing Cat Poster?

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Image Credit: StockMediaSeller, Shutterstock

Choosing where to display your sign is just as important as ensuring it’s thorough and well-designed. The areas you post can lead directly to sightings and an ultimate find of your missing pet.

Your focus should be on the areas around which you last saw your cat. Tape or staple your sign onto light posts or utility poles on the streets within a six to 10 block radius of your last sighting. You may want to check with your city beforehand to ensure it’s not illegal to do so. If it’s the rainy or snowy season, we recommend using a page protector or taping the entire poster as it will provide a waterproof layer to ensure the sign doesn’t disintegrate in the wetness.

Bulletin boards are another great place to display your poster. You might also ask your vet if you can post the sign on their door or bulletin board. Local businesses may not be opposed to displaying your sign, too. Ask restaurants, grocery stores, laundromats, pet supply stores for permission to display your poster on their property.

Another fantastic place to hang your poster is at the local post office. Mail carriers cover every street in your city and will know to be on the lookout for your cat if they see the poster in their office.

The folks in the neighborhood where your pet was last seen could provide invaluable information about your cat. Go door-to-door and let them know about your situation. Give them a copy of your poster so they have the info they need to help you should they find your kitty near their home.

You should also consider creating a digital version of your poster. This will allow you to reach more people as you can post it online in local community groups.

Should You Offer a Reward on a Missing Cat Poster?

Our cats are a part of our family. If our children were to go missing, we’d offer a hefty reward for information about their whereabouts, right? Should the same rule apply to our missing pets?

The decision to offer a reward is entirely up to you. A monetary reward can be motivation for folks in your neighborhood to step up and help, but it can also pose some unique risks.

Sometimes people with good intentions will spot the missing pet and then try to chase or corner it so they can collect their reward money. Lost pets are often petrified and skittish, and chasing or cornering them can do more harm than good. It can cause them to run farther away or even be chased into traffic.

There have been some situations where rewards actually encourage pet-napping and scammers.

If you feel the situation warrants a reward offering, don’t include the amount on the poster. Doing so can encourage hoax callers or even extortion. Advertising the price you’d pay to have your pet returned to you makes criminals aware of the extent you’re willing to go to get your animal back.

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Final Words

Getting your missing cat posters up in your neighborhood fast will increase the chances your pet will be returned to you. The above templates are a great jumping-off point as they’ve already done the work of designing the poster for you. All you need to do is pop in your information and a photo or two and then send the poster to the printers.

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Featured Image Credit: StockMediaSeller, Shutterstock