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8 Most Popular Cat Colors (with Pictures & Breeds)

Cats are adorable creatures that, along with their unique personalities, can come in all shapes and sizes—big or small, long fur or short fur, with even different sizes of tails!

Cats also have a variety of colors and patterns, some of which make up the most unique color combinations! But what are the most popular cat colors? Here, we talk about eight of the most popular colors and color patterns in the cat world!

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The 8 Most Popular Cat Colors

1. Tuxedo

black and white tuxedo cat wearing crown
Image credit: Luku Muffin, Unsplash

The tuxedo color pattern is a blend of two colors, particularly black and white. The tuxedo color pattern is very popular among cats and can be found in many breeds. Cats with tuxedo colors are also commonly portrayed in the media and pop-culture—as portrayed by the famous cartoon characters, Looney Toons’ Sylvester, as well as Felix the Cat.

The tuxedo color pattern also has different variations, such as:

  • the locket: a dominantly black coat only has a small bit of white
  • the bicolor: equal parts black and white throughout the fur
  • the magpie: a white coat with black spots

Some cat breeds with a tuxedo colorway include:

  • American Curls
  • American Shorthairs
  • British Shorthairs
  • Cornish Rexes
  • Devon Rexes
  • Turkish Angoras
  • Domestic Shorthairs
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2. Black

black cat wearing bandana
Image Credit: Sabrini, Pexels

When we see a black cat on the street, most people automatically associate it with bad luck, witchcraft, and Halloween. Despite their spooky reputation, black cats are really no different from other cat breeds and have a certain charm with their mysterious appearance.

A popular cat color, black cats have a rich history dating all the way back to the middle-ages and are even present in mythology. Black is a dominant gene, making it a very common color for domesticated cats.

Common black cat breeds include:

  • Bombays
  • Chantilly-Tiffany Cats
  • Persians
  • Cornish Rexes
  • American Bobtails
  • British Shorthairs
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3. Calico

red manx
Image Credit: Anna Mente, Shutterstock

Calicos are cats with a coat of three colors. This tri-colored pattern can have a variety of color combinations similar to patches on a quilt. This cat colorway term is derived from the calico fabric, with the cat’s coat pattern resembling the appearance of the fabric. Calico cats commonly have white, orange, and black in their color scheme, but some variations may include cream, blue-black, and brown.

Similar to cats’ unique personalities, the calico patches on a cat’s fur coat are equally unique, which highlight the identity of each cat. Many calico cats may have the same color scheme, but no two calico cats will ever have the same pattern. Calico cats are also dominantly female, with male calico cats being extremely rare.

Common calico cat breeds include:

  • Manx Cats
  • Maine Coons
  • Siberians
  • Turkish Vans
  • Norwegian Forest Cats
  • American Shorthairs
  • Arabian Maus
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4. Tabby

Egyptian mau on white background
Image Credit: MDavidova, Shutterstock

Like tigers with their stripes and cheetahs with their spots, tabby is another common color pattern in cats. Tabby is another pattern in cats that involves more than one color combination.

Tabbies, or tabby cats, refer to cats with distinct patterns of stripes, swirls, and spots of color in their coat. Common colors involved in this pattern include gray, brown, orange, black, and white. Tabby cats are also known for the signature “M” on their forehead, which is a common characteristic among tabby cats of varying breeds.

Some breeds with the tabby color pattern include:

  • Egyptian Maus
  • Russian Blues
  • Maine Coons
  • Persians
  • Oriental Shorthairs
  • Abyssinians
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5.  White

white oriental cat
Image Credit: Alexandra Morrison Photo, Shutterstock

The dominant white is a color in cats and can be found across a variety of breeds. The white colorway is a very popular color for cats, as they only account for approximately 5% of the general population, making them extremely rare and sought after.

With their elegant, all-white appearance, white cats have a clean dazzling look to them that adds to their charm. White fur lacks pigment, which is why they are considered colorless fur as compared to black or orange. Genetically, the colorless white fur is also recessive, which makes them rare.

Cat breeds that can boast an all-white appearance include:

  • Oriental Cats
  • Maine Coons
  • American Shorthairs
  • Scottish Folds
  • Sphynxs
  • Cornish Rexes
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6. Tortoiseshell

tortoiseshell persian cat on the grass
Image Credit: andres felipe Aristizabal, Pixabay

The tortoiseshell color pattern is another bicolor pattern that resembles the shell of a tortoise. Tortoiseshell cats, or torties, have dominantly dark colored patches that can include different shades of red, black, brown, and white. The pattern for torties appear woven together, with color forming in large patches all over the body.

Like calico cats, tortoiseshell cats are predominantly female, making male torties extremely rare. Cats with tortoiseshell patterns are also unique, with no two patterns identical. In many cultures, cats with tortoiseshell patterns are even considered good luck!

Common tortoiseshell breeds include:

  • Japanese Bobtails
  • Maine Coons
  • Cornish Rexes
  • American Shorthairs
  • British Shorthairs
  • Ragamuffins
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7. Grey

nebelung cat playing on the floor
Image Credit: Milada Vigerova, Pixabay

Some cats’ coats may turn grey as they age, but cats can also have grey as the actual color of their fur. With mesmerizing and elegant coats in various shades, cats with grey fur coats are easily one of the most popular and sought-after colors among cat enthusiasts.

While there are many grey cats with calico or tabby color patterns, there are a few cat breeds that can sport the solid grey color.

Some cat breeds with grey coats are:

  • Russian Blues
  • Chartreux Cats
  • Domestic Shorthairs
  • British Shorthairs
  • Korats
  • Nebelungs
  • Scottish Folds
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8. Pointed

pointed color munchkin cat
Image Credit: prapass, Shutterstock

Pointed colorways are popular because of their eye-catching appearance. Cats with a pale body and darker extremities, such as the face, ears, feet, and tail are considered to have point coloration.

Popular torso colors include cream and white colors with dark brown or black points. Cats with a pointed colorway are typically loving, outgoing, and extremely affectionate.

Popular cat breeds with notable pointed colorways include:

  • Siamese
  • Balinese
  • Tonkinese
  • Javanese
  • Birmans
  • Ragamuffins
  • Ragdolls

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Cats can come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. With a wide variety of appearances to choose from, there are many colors and patterns that have become popular among cat enthusiasts. Regardless of the color, whether monochromatic or bi- or tri-colored, each cat has their own unique personality, and are all lovable beyond their appearance!

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Featured Image Credit: Kasefoto, Shutterstock