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My Cat Will Only Drink from the Faucet: 5 Reasons Why

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Long-time cat owners know that getting their kitties to drink enough water can sometimes be a struggle. But because cats always seem to choose the strangest way to live their lives, you’ll also find some that will drink but only from specific spots, like a faucet. If your cat only drinks from the faucet, you might wonder if there’s something wrong with them.

Cats may prefer to drink from the faucet for several reasons, but it doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong. However, in many areas, tap water is not of drinking quality, so this might be a major concern. Keep reading to learn why your cat sips from your sink and how to encourage them to stop.

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The 5 Reasons Why Your Cat Only Drinks from the Faucet

1. Instinct

In the wild, water that isn’t moving is more likely to contain germs and parasites that could make a cat sick. Your cat may prefer to drink from the faucet because instinct tells them running water is safer and often colder.

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2. Safety

Speaking of safety, your cat may choose drinking from the faucet over their bowl because they feel more comfortable up high. The location of your cat’s bowl could leave them feeling trapped or vulnerable while they drink. Faucets are located up on a counter, and your cat may feel better taking the time to drink with some height beneath them.

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3. Excitement

If your cat is especially playful, it may find the movement of the running water more exciting than boring bowl liquid. When they do show interest in their water bowl, it may just be to splash, paw, or play with it instead of drinking.

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Image Credit: rihaij , Pixabay
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4. Cleanliness

Your cat may avoid their water bowl if it’s located near a litter box or its food dish. Some cats don’t like to drink and eat in the same spot. Drinking and eating near their toilet spot is unappealing for most cats. These cats may prefer to drink from the faucet instead.

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5. Water Bowl Issues

Your cat may also drink from the faucet if they don’t like the water bowl. For example, some cats prefer ceramic or metal bowls to plastic ones. If your cat’s bowl is too small, it could cause whisker trauma and lead them to avoid it.

Cats can be very particular about many things, including the water they drink. The right water fountain can provide your cat with clean, fresh water.

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Tips to Encourage Your Cat to Drink from a Water Bowl

If your cat is making a mess drinking from the faucet or your water bill is rising, you may prefer your cat switch to drink from a bowl. Here are some tips to help that happen.

  • First, ensure your cat’s water bowl is wide enough to fit its whiskers, and consider replacing it if it’s plastic. Relocate the bowl away from your cat’s litter box or food dish. Try placing the water bowl on the counter, so your cat feels safer when drinking.
  • Change the water daily, even if your cat hasn’t drunk it all. Add ice cubes to keep it cool. Place bowls in several locations around the house, so your cat has beverage options besides the faucets.
  • If your cat seems especially drawn to the motion of the water, try purchasing a cat water fountain. These devices are usually plugged in and keep the water flowing in continuous motion. Your cat may choose to drink from a “faucet” or the basin.

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As we’ve learned, there are several good reasons why your cat will only drink from the tap, and it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with them. If you find this habit less than charming, try our tips to redirect your cat to drink from a bowl. Cats don’t always drink much water, especially those that eat canned food, but they should always have access to a clean water source. If you’re worried your cat isn’t drinking enough, talk to your veterinarian.

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