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Blind Cat Names: 150+ Great Ideas for Your Blind Cat

So, you have decided to get a cat with special needs. After careful consideration and preparation, you are ready to love and care for a blind little furball. You have thought about food, toys, and cat scratchers. Your only dilemma is finding a name that fits your precious feline. This is not a simple task since we want the name to be meaningful or to fit the cat’s personality.

Here are some suggestions that you might find interesting for your new furry companion. First, we’ll look at names that mean sight. Then, we’ll show you names that mean unique, and finally, take a look at unisex names that might fit your furball friend’s personality.


How to Name Your Blind Cat

Whether your feline is male or female, you will want a name that is significant to the personality and characteristics of your individual cat. The name should have some sort of playfulness or significance.

You may want to name a blind cat with something that signifies sight, or vision. It may also be a name that speaks volumes to how special the cat is to you. Whatever it is, you will know it when you hear it.

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Cat Names About Sight

blind cat in animal shelter
Image Credit: Anna Krivitskaya, Shutterstock

Some cat owners want to embrace the fact that their cat is blind and not hide it. Here are some names that will suit any sight-impaired feline.


If you are looking for a male name that signifies vision, imagination, or sight, look at these unusual names.

  • Aldid: The vision or sight
  • Aloka: Vision; sight, splendor
  • Aparoksa: The visible one, not beyond sight
  • Basar: Sight, vision, the eye
  • Basr: Eye-sight wisdom
  • Cecillus: One with no sight
  • Dhrish: One who can envision, is imaginative
  • Drishtee: Vision; one that can envision; imaginative
  • Drishy: One that is imaginative; sight; vision
  • Ikshan: Sight
  • Lovika: Love at first sight
  • Manzar: A view or sight
  • Maitho: The eyes that give your sight
  • Nazarha: A sight or vision
  • Ojal: Imagined; sight; vision; see
  • Panick: True and clear-sighted nature
  • Parella: Clever and clear-sighted
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For a female cat that has no sight, here are a few that you may like.

  • Basirah: Visualization; sight; vision
  • Ceceilia: A blind woman; one without sight
  • Cecelia: Born without sight
  • Cecille: She has no sight
  • Cecillia: She is with no sight
  • Drishti: Sight
  • Dristi: Sight, focus
  • Iksha: Sight
  • Sisilla: A woman without sight
  • Size: No sight
  • Sissela: To be without sight
  • Sysley: A woman that has no sight

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Cat Names That Mean Unique

blind calico cat
Image Credit: Casey Elise Christopher, Shutterstock

If you want to name your blind cat with something that represents uniqueness and how special it is to you, here are some excellent choices for male and female cats. We also included a few that are unisex and can be used for either one.


Looking for a name that is more male-centric? We got you! Check out our list of male names that mean unique.

  • Aadvay: Unique; exclusive; having no like or equal; unparalleled
  • Aarnik: One of a kind
  • Aatulaya: One who cannot be compared; unique
  • Abhlesh: Immortal and unique
  • Adhvait: Something that does not have an equivalent; exclusive, unique
  • Adhvaith: Unique; no duality
  • Adhvait: Exclusive; no equivalent; unique
  • Advaiya: A unique soul or person
  • Advaith: No duality
  • Advait: Matchless; no equivalent; exclusive; unique
  • Advay: Unequaled; matchless; unique; exclusive
  • Advaya: Exclusive; matchless; unique; no equivalent
  • Advik: Matchless; unique; unequaled; having no equivalent
  • Advit: Unique; unequaled; exclusive; matchless
  • Adviteeya: Unique; matchless; exclusive
  • Advith: No other like him; unique
  • Adwaid: Unequaled; no equivalent; matchless; unique
  • Adwiteya: Unique; none other
  • Aganee: Does things creatively and in a unique way. Spontaneous and lively.
  • Ahdas: Fresh; novel; unique
  • Ajamil: Unique; a mythical king; one of a kind
  • Alabhya: Unique; difficult to acquire
  • Amav: Strong; cannot be humbled
  • Ambaka: Majestic and charismatic personality
  • Amith: Limitless; indestructible and unique
  • Amoll: Priceless; unique; valuable
  • Ananay:  One of kind; unique; no match; exclusive
  • Ananya:  One of kind
  • Anayaja: A beautiful and unique
  • Anargh: Victorious and unique
  • And: Unique and manly; brave
  • Anokh: Extraordinary; wondrous; unique; amazing
  • Anokha: Rare; unique; extraordinary; wondrous; amazing
  • Anoop: Incomparable; the best; unique
  • Anoopjeet-: A unique individual who is a lovely being
  • Anoopmeet: Unique incomparable; friendly
  • Anoopwant: Completely unique
  • Anupam: Without comparison; unique; exclusive
  • Apatihat: No equivalent; unique
  • Araga: Unique; cool without passion
  • Arumporul: Unique
  • Avikari: Unique; cannot be changed
  • Avikshit: Unique; not seen before
  • Avilion: A golden rainbow, beautiful, unique
  • Badil: Many abilities and unique
  • Be Nazir: Unique; unequaled; matchless
  • Brandeharz: Self-centered; friendly and unique; pleasant
  • Chandrapol: Rare gem; unique
  • Darrin: Great and unique individual
  • Dik: Strong; unique powerful ruler
  • Divyaan: Unique personality, brilliant
  • Faqeed: One that is unique
  • Farid: A unique personality
  • Kamel: Unique
  • Keimoni: Ocean of uniqueness
  • Manalp: One that is different and unique
  • Manoo:  An original, unique man
  • Nakkina: Unique, cool, and tidy individual
  • Nadvith: Unique one of a kind
  • Nizar: Rare and unique
  • Oppilamani: Superlative; unbeatable; exclusive; unique
  • Opurbo: One of a kind
  • Shaaz: Unique
  • Tarif: Rare; uncommon; admiration
  • Zarem: Unique; one in a thousand
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If your new addition is a female and you want to find a name that represents how special she is, here are some names that are unusual and beautiful, just like your female cat.

  • Aadvika: Unique in all aspects
  • Adhaita: Without duality; unique
  • Advika: No copy; a unique girl
  • Aeileua: Energetic and wonderful being; unique
  • Aileua: Unique
  • Aino: Unique; the only one
  • Alueua: An eye for fine details
  • Alydia: Unique vision and investigative in nature
  • Amolaka: Priceless and unique
  • Amyah: Creative insight
  • Anachorita: Amusing and unique
  • Anasuri: Active; intelligent and unique
  • Anokhi: The unique one
  • Anooproop: Beautiful and incomparable
  • Anuhya: Unique; unexpected and precious
  • Anupama: Beautiful; lovely and unique
  • Apreet: Lovely; unique being
  • Asian: Precious and unique
  • Ayanna: A unique flower that is forever blooming
  • Baisley: Unique and majestic
  • Beeta: Unique
  • Benazir: Unequaled; matchless; unique
  • Bhavaroopa: One who is unique
  • Bidda: Cannot be compared to any other, unique, and special one
  • Birsen: You are unique
  • Bita: Unique
  • Bontu: Sensitive, unique, and inspirational
  • Centehua: The only one, unique
  • Darejan: Unique
  • Darejani: Unique
  • Davita: Unique, cherished
  • Dorit: A unique present from God
  • Dovie: A beautiful dove; they are unique
  • Electa: A selected and unique being
  • Fareeda: Unparalleled and unique
  • Faridah: A unique woman
  • Frideh: One who is delightful and unique
  • Izel: Unique and one of a kind
  • Juji: Unique and attractive personality
  • Julissa: Sweet; absolute and unique in personality; energetic; likes meeting people
  • Monna: Unique one of a kind
  • Nestan: Unique
  • Nestani: Unique
  • Pratulya: Cannot be compared, unique
  • Samyan: Unique, incomparable, singular
  • Sumayya: unique and special girl
  • Summaya: she who is special and unique
  • Tarifa: Rare and unique
  • Trinique: Pure and unique
  • Turfa: Pure or unique
  • Waheeda: Unique, singular, sole, exclusive, beautiful. Also spelled Wahida or Wahidah
  • Yeganeh: Unique

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half blind cat on the ground
Image Credit: NOPPHARAT7824, Shutterstock

Here are few that signify special or unique and can be used for a male or female cat.

  • Agamani: A precious stone that is priceless and magnificent. One-of-a-kind gemstone
  • Alverda: Compassionate, resourceful, passion, eccentric and altruistic qualities
  • Amola: A unique person
  • Ansrutas: Peace-loving, unique and friendly
  • Domenique: Unique and special
  • Juji: Attractive personality; unique
  • Ozge: A unique and different individual

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Last Thoughts

Whether your cat is male or female, this list should give you some promising ideas for a name that appeals to you and your cat. And, if you do find something that fits, you can always shorten it and use a nickname. Congrats on the new addition!

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