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National Cat Health Month: How & When Is It Celebrated?

Cat lovers now have a month in the year to dedicate solely to their feline friends! National Cat Health Month stresses the importance of a feline’s physical and emotional health. February is National Cat Health Month, and being the month of love, it is the perfect time to focus on your cat’s health and give your kitty some extra love and attention.

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What Is National Cat Health Month

Our love for cats goes back centuries, even before cats were domesticated. The Ancient Egyptians praised them for killing off venomous snakes and for protecting the Pharaoh. Even Egyptian gods featured the heads of cats. Cats were treated like royalty, adorned with expensive necklaces, and these felines were so praised that they were mummified when buried.

Cats began their relationship with humans as far back as 12,000 years ago, but their ability to rid farmers of pesky rodents sealed the domesticated relationship. They became highly valued for pest control and got food in return.

Cats have long been a favorite pet, with 45.3 million1 American households owning and loving one. Along with their long history and the joy they bring to a cat lover’s life, the least we can do is honor them for a month in the year.

February is a time to check in with our furry companions and ensure they are in their best physical and mental health. You can take part in many activities in the month of February that focus on your cat’s well-being.

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How to Celebrate National Cat Health Month

You can celebrate National Cat Health Month in several ways.

Take Your Cat for a Check-up

Maintaining annual check-ups with your veterinarian will help keep your cat in top shape, but we understand that life gets busy, and if your cat seems happy and healthy, it is convenient to skip a check-up. Use this month to schedule a visit to the vet, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your cat is in top health.

Buy Your Cat a New Toy

Your cat’s mental and emotional health is just as important as its physical health, and a new toy can improve your cat’s mood. It will keep your cat happily busy, provide exercise, and will also give you an opportunity to bond.

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Image Credit: winni-design, Shutterstock

Create Awareness

Social media is useful for sharing information and happy moments in our lives. Use your social media accounts to say a few words and spread the love for your kitty. Post a pic of you and your cat, perhaps with its new toy, or a picture of you both on your way to the vet. Think of a catchy caption, and don’t forget to use the #nationalcathealthmonth. Challenge your cat-loving friends to do the same and create a new trend for the month of February.

Have a Fun Photoshoot

If you think your cat would be up for it, plan a photoshoot with a professional photographer so you can have memorable pictures to hold onto forever. Even better, you can use professional images to promote awareness on your social media.

Send Your Cat to the Groomer

Book an appointment with a groomer to cover your cat’s grooming needs. Brushing your cat’s coat is vital, but a professional can also trim your pet’s nails and pamper them.

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Volunteer at a Shelter

Dedicate some time to a local shelter. You can assist with cleaning, feeding, or even playing with the kitties longing for a new home. If you don’t have the time, consider donating money or food if you are in a position to do so. You can also support the shelter by sharing its social media accounts and posting pictures of your time there.

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Keep Your Cat in Good Health All Year Long

It’s essential to be aware of your cat’s health all year long, not just in February. While National Cat Health can be celebrated in fun ways, you can do things to keep your cat in tip-top shape for the rest of the year.

  • Keep your cat’s vaccinations up to date to keep them safe and healthy from preventable illnesses.
  • Clean your cat’s teeth regularly to prevent tooth decay and loss.
  • Protect your cat from parasites with deworming and tick and flea medications.
  • Make sure your cat is regularly exercised.
  • Get your cat spayed or neutered.
  • Pay attention to your cat’s behavior and changes in behavior, and be proactive by taking your cat to the vet if you notice something unusual.
  • Sign up for pet insurance to make sure you can treat your cat without financial stress.
  • Feed your cat a high-quality diet. Providing the best quality food ensures they receive all the necessary nutrients to stay healthy. Make sure they are getting enough water and maintaining the right body weight.
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February is the month of National Cat Health, and if you have not celebrated it before, now is the time to start and spread the word. Use the month to spend extra time with your kitty and pay extra attention to its health. While it’s great to have the month of February to remind us of the importance of our pet’s health, as a cat owner and lover, you should take the necessary steps to ensure your cat stays healthy and happy year-round.

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