How to Sedate a Cat for Car Travel ( 3 Methods)

maine coon in car cat carrier

Minimizing the upsetting events for your territorial-minded cat is the goal when you need to travel. Taking your feline friend away to an unfamiliar place or visiting the vet or even a new house is terrifying. Luring it to accepting that you have to travel is a challenge. Plan the move tactically to avoid stressing … Read more

Why Doesn’t My Cat Like Me Anymore (And How to Fix That)

kittens training_Anatoliy Cherkas, Shutterstock

Have you ever caught yourself wondering what you’ve done wrong this time to get on your cat’s bad side? We all know that our beloved felines can sometimes be moody creatures, but is their newfound dislike actually based on what you think it is? If your cat shows negative behaviors towards you, you’re probably scrambling … Read more

9 Signs Your Cat Is Bored (and How to Fix It)

A cat lying on bathroom floor

Heaven forbid your cat should be short on entertainment. If they don’t have enough to do, you might notice a few different behaviors they’re using to communicate that they are bored to tears. If you are unsure of exactly what your cat is doing to communicate with you, there are some visual cues to know. … Read more

How To Keep Cats Away from Your Garden & Property

Cat_Katarzyna Kosianok_Pixabay

Whether you live in the city or the country, it can be difficult to keep stray cats from coming onto your property. Stray cats can bring fleas into your yard, which might get tracked into your home and onto any pets you might have. It can also tear up your garden, dig holes, and scatter … Read more

How To Reduce Cat Shedding (8 Proven Methods)

hand holding cat shedded hair

Unless you have a hairless breed like a Sphynx, as a cat owner, dealing with shedding and loose hair is just part of your life. While you can’t stop the fact that cats create hair, you can do something to minimize the mess and stress that it causes. We’ve discovered eight proven methods you can … Read more

How To Stop Cats From Eating Plants (8 Proven Methods)

cat eating fallen plant

Cats are curious, and they’re known troublemakers. They get into everything, and since they believe that everything they see belongs to them, they’ll tear things up without giving it a second thought. Sometimes, this includes your houseplants. You might find your cat ripping your plants apart or chewing on the leaves; either way, it’s not … Read more