100+ Anime Cat Names: Ideas for Cool & Animated Cats

Anime is known for its colorful storylines and eclectic characters. Originating from Japan, Anime is just the Japanese word for animation. However, no one seems to do it quite as they do. Anime is an increasingly popular genre and offers cartoons geared to both adults and children. Fun fact – most Anine shows and films … Read more

100+ Hawaiian Cat Names: Ideas for Warm & Laidback Cats

hawaiian cat with pineapple

Hawaii is full of amazing traditions and delicious cuisine. It is home to the Hula, and everyone is greeted with Aloha. Their laidback lifestyle may inspire you, you may possibly be a major fan of Hawaiian Pizza, or simply enjoy the fact that these islanders love cats just as much as you do! Regardless of … Read more

100+ Brown Cat Names: Ideas for Bronzed & Nutty Cats

group of brown kitten_pxfuel_DMCA

You rarely find a cat that is a solid shade of brown, whether it be slightly tanned or dark as chocolate, they are just few and far between. This is because the coat color is actually a genetic mutation derived from black cats! However, brown is very commonly seen in patches or stripes and is … Read more