125+ Coffee Names for Cats: Great Ideas for Your Perky Cat

chantilly tiffany cat lying indoor

There are plenty of common and ordinary cat names out there. But if you’re looking for a unique name for an extra-perky cat, you’ve come to the right place. Whether your cat has a bouncy personality that makes them appear “extra caffeinated” or you’re just a coffee fan, why not give your cat a coffee-inspired … Read more

Hippie Cat Names: 240 Great Ideas for Your Laid-Back Cat

cat wearing tribe costume

You’ll find them lazing about in the sunniest patch on your floor or snoozing carefree in your vegetable patch—we all know and love a chilled-out cat. Or perhaps your feline can often be found enjoying the company of other living creatures, whether they be fluffy, scaly, human, multi-legged, or winged. In that case, you may … Read more