Japanese Food Names For Cats: 187 Great Ideas for Your Pet

Cat on the background of the Japanese arches in Kyoto.

Cats make wonderful pets and owning one can be great fun. However, thinking up the perfect name for them can be stress-inducing, especially if you want something unique. Japanese food could provide the perfect answer. With their captivating charm and mysterious allure, cats share intriguing similarities with the tantalizing world of Japanese cuisine. Just as … Read more

73 Adorable Bombay Cat Names – Unique & Fun ideas

bombay cat sitting on log

For centuries, many cat owners have wondered what it would be like to have a big cat living in their home. There’s something about black panthers, tigers, and other big cats that just fascinates cat lovers everywhere. While you certainly can’t have a black panther hanging out in your living room, you can have the … Read more

600 Musical Cat Names: Groovy Ideas for Your Kitty

Savannah F5 kitten on the wooden table

Bringing home your new kitty opens the door of possibility of a perfect name. If you’re the kind of person who lives your life in music notes, you may just want a melody-themed name to call your little ball of fluff. When you’re trying hard to think of names, it can make it really difficult … Read more

500+ Savannah Cat Names: Great Ideas for Your Exotic Cat

Adult Savannah cat

Savannah cats are incredible specimens, providing an exotic quality to domestic life. They definitely fare best in a cat-savvy home with owners who can give the unique style of care they require. With the homecoming of your newest furbaby, you’ll want to find the perfect name to match. Savannah cats are amazingly unique, and we … Read more

How to Play With Your Cat: 10 Fun Tips & Ideas

woman playing with her cat

Cats love to play! Playing with your cat can be one of the most enjoyable parts of ownership, and it doesn’t stop when your kitten grows up. Not only is it good exercise, it’s also a good way to strengthen your friendship with your pet. But it can also take some practice to find your … Read more

Ways to Play With a Cat Without Toys: 11 Great Ideas

woman owner petting and playing with her cat at home

Keeping your cat entertained by playing is crucial for their health and well-being. Mental and physical stimulation keeps them in good physical shape and maintains an active lifestyle. It can also help prevent destructive or unwanted behaviors such as attention seeking, crying, self-mutilation (fur pulling and biting), and destruction of furniture. Playing also builds the … Read more

How to Protect Bird Nests From Cats: 12 Effective Ideas

cat in bird house

Whether it’s feral cats, loose strays, or wandering outdoor pets, cats kill millions of wild birds each year. While the cats aren’t to blame (they’re just acting on their natural instincts, after all), protecting the birds from being hunted is still a good idea. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to protect birds’ … Read more