125+ Coffee Names for Cats: Great Ideas for Your Perky Cat

chantilly tiffany cat lying indoor

There are plenty of common and ordinary cat names out there. But if you’re looking for a unique name for an extra-perky cat, you’ve come to the right place. Whether your cat has a bouncy personality that makes them appear “extra caffeinated” or you’re just a coffee fan, why not give your cat a coffee-inspired … Read more

Hippie Cat Names: 240 Great Ideas for Your Laid-Back Cat

cat wearing tribe costume

You’ll find them lazing about in the sunniest patch on your floor or snoozing carefree in your vegetable patch—we all know and love a chilled-out cat. Or perhaps your feline can often be found enjoying the company of other living creatures, whether they be fluffy, scaly, human, multi-legged, or winged. In that case, you may … Read more

145 African Cat Names: Great Ideas for Your Beautiful Cat

cute ginger doll face persian cat_CKYN stock photo_shutterstock

African culture is a great place to start looking for beautiful, exotic cat names. After all, it’s where the King of the Jungle lives. Maybe you want to honor your African heritage through your cat’s name. Or perhaps you think the Swahili language is fascinating. Whatever your reason, your cat needs a name, and we’re … Read more

205 Fat Cat Names: Great Ideas for Your Giant Cat

fat cat siiting on the grass

Cats come in all shapes and sizes, including giant, cuddly, fat kitties. And if your cat is on the chunky side, you might want to pick a fun name that references its giant size. Only problem is, there are a ton of fat cat names to choose from, so it might be challenging to find … Read more