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Persian Kittens For Sale in Illinois: Breeders List 2021

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With their lush coats and signature smoosh faces, Persians are one of the most popular of all purebred cat breeds. In Illinois, Persian lovers have a few different breeders to choose from, located in various parts of the state.

As you search for just the right Persian kitten to join your family, remember to pay attention to not only what colors you have to choose from (lots!) but the environment your new cat is raised in. Persians are prone to several health conditions and you want a breeder who prioritizes producing healthy kittens.

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4 Persian Kittens Breeders in Illinois

1. The Persian Kittens

The Persian Kittens logo

  • Carol Stream, IL

This breeder offers home-raised Persian kittens in a wide range of coat and eye colors, including lynx point, white with blue eyes, and blue with blue eyes. Many championship Persian cats have come from this breeder. Reviews from satisfied new pet owners note that the breeder has excellent communication, as well as offers beautiful, loving kittens. The breeder does ship kittens anywhere in the continental United States but only in the cabin accompanied by a human. Kittens are socialized from birth and come with a 1-year health guarantee.

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2. TopKnot Cattery

TopKnot Cattery logo

  • Jacksonville, IL

This is a family cattery focused primarily on breeding Persians to raise and show for themselves. They often have kittens and even adult cats available to good homes. This breeder’s adult Persians are both solid and bi-color varieties. White, black, red, red tabby, blue patched tabby, and calico are just a few coat colors that may be available. The breeder only sells kittens as pets without breeding or showing rights except with prior approval.

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3. KingdomKatz Persians & Himalayans

KingdomKatz Persians & Himalayans logo

  • Rockford, IL

This is a small hobby breeder who focuses on producing show-quality Persians with championship bloodlines. Their breeding cats are Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) free, as well as genetically tested for Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). Kittens are raised and socialized in the breeder’s home for at least 13 weeks before going to their new families. Both pet and show quality kittens are available and the breeder will ship kittens domestically and internationally. Kittens are available in a variety of colors including lilac, chocolate, blue-cream, and tortie.

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4. Cherishabuls Himalayans And Persians

Cherishabuls Himalayans And Persians logo

  • Chicago, IL

This cattery breeds both Himalayans and Persians, with mostly Himalayan-colored cats available. They also have blue-eyed white Persians. The breeders also show their cats and breed from numerous championship bloodlines. Both pet and show-quality kittens may be available. Kittens stay with their mother until 14-16 weeks of age and the breeders are very particular about who takes home their kittens. If you’re located within driving distance, the breeder allows visits with your new kitten once they are 8 weeks old.

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Featured Image Credit: B.Stefanov, Shutterstock