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Persian Kittens For Sale in New Jersey: Breeders List 2022

Excited Cats advocates for adopting before shopping. We understand there are many reasons for seeking a breeder, though, so we encourage it to be done the right way. Learn more.

When deciding to add a new family member to your household, prospective pet parents find themselves scouring every corner of the internet, looking for the best information on their new furry friend.

There are hundreds of catteries with websites and pages to peruse on the internet, but that leaves prospective pet parents wondering what they should look for and expect when purchasing a cat from a cattery.

We hope our guide on breeders in New Jersey can help you find the purr-fect Persian Kitten to add to your family.

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Persian Breeders in New Jersey

1. Karista Kats

  • Califon, New Jersey
Karista Kats is New Jersey’s premier breeder for Persian cats. Karista Kats is owned by Joan Donahue-Ulmer and operated in Califon, New Jersey. Joan has been a CFA-registered cat breeder since 2000 and received a “Cattery of Excellence” seal in 2020.

Karista Kats hand raises their kittens and allows them to roam free in an enriching and loving environment. Hand raising the kittens helps socialize them with other cats and humans as they wait to go to their new pet parents.

They keep their cattery small and closed, meaning all breeding stock is taken in-house and not bred with cats from other breeders. This practice minimizes the risk of sneaky hereditary illnesses finding their way into the cattery.

The cattery carries out health screenings for Feline HIV, Feline Leukemia, and Polycystic Kidney Disease, a common hereditary illness for Persian cats. They also keep their cattery free of ringworm.

Karista Kats also provides a health guarantee for prospective pet parents who want to put their faith in them. All of their litters and breeding stock are registered with and overseen by the Cat Fanciers’ Association to reassure further any pet parents who want to patronize them.

Karista Kats does their due diligence as breeders to provide a loving, safe, and enriching home for their kittens until they can go to their forever home. Furthermore, they do a fantastic job of ensuring that their kittens are healthy and well socialized for their new homes!

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Adoption vs Breeding

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There are many valid reasons a pet parent may choose to shop rather than adopt; bringing a new family member into the fray is a long and challenging choice. When purchasing a cat from a breeder, it’s essential to ensure that the purchase is made from a reputable and conscious breeder.

The first place to look for catteries should always be the Cat Fancier’s Association, the International Cat Association, the Traditional Cat Association, and any location-specific breeder registration bodies that you can find (such as Australian National Cats Inc..) These governing bodies vet breeders for you to ensure safe breeding practices.

Asking for health and genetic screening information, pedigree information, and litter registration information should be part of your process of finding a breeder. Any breeder who refuses to furnish a prospective buyer with this information is bad news.

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