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Ragdoll Kittens for Sale in Georgia: Breeders List 2023

Excited Cats advocates for adopting before shopping, though we fully understand there are many reasons for seeking a breeder. So, we encourage it to be done the right way. We have not personally visited or investigated all of the breeders below. We have put the top-recommended all in one place for you to get in touch and make the best decision for you. Learn more about our stance and how to choose the right breeder here.

All kittens are adorable, but Ragdoll kittens are one of the most adorable breeds out there. Often called the “gentle giant” of the feline world, their sweet, laidback temperament makes them fabulous family pets. If you live in Georgia and have been hunting for a Ragdoll kitten of your own, your options for reputable breeders are a bit limited. However, we’ve located a handful of them that specialize in Ragdolls. Nearly all are registered with The International Cat Association (TICA), and most are also licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. The majority are small, family-owned operations where kittens are raised as members of the family, which means they’ll be more than used to people and children before joining your family.

Take a look below to find the Ragdoll kitten you’ve been searching for!


The 6 Ragdoll Kitten Breeders in Georgia

1. Furry Tails Ragdolls

Furry Tails Ragdolls logo

Furry Tails Ragdolls is a TICA-registered cattery that has a limited number of Ragdoll kittens available, so chances are you’ll likely have to join their waitlist to get one. They are a closed cattery, so an appointment must be made to visit, but they are currently not doing home visits due to covid-19. However, they are more than happy to provide videos or speak by phone to discuss their kittens. All kittens come litterbox trained, updated on vaccinations, and trained to use cat pads and scratching posts.

They also come with a 12-month health guarantee (that is extended to 24 months if the new owner keeps the kitten on the pet food kittens are used to), as well as a free 30-day pet insurance policy. All king and queen cats are assured to be negative for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and polycystic kidney disease.

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2. Heaven’s Ragdolls

Heaven’s Ragdolls logo

All Ragdoll kittens at this tiny cattery are TICA registered and purebred. Types are Traditional, Sepia, Mink, and Solid in colors including chocolate, cream, red, lilac, blue, tortie, seal, fawn, cinnamon, and blue-eyed white. Patterns include bicolor, mitted, lynx, and pointed. This closed cattery is licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture and has been around since 2004. All kittens are raised inside and handled each day by people, including children, so they should be well-socialized.

They come with up-to-date vaccinations and de-worming and can be microchipped upon request. Kittens also come with a health guarantee against genetic defects. Heaven’s Ragdolls offers new owners lifetime support.

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3. Pinkerton Ragdolls

Pinkerton Ragdolls

Pinkerton is an in-home hobby breeder registered with TICA, plus is an inspected home with the Georgia Department of Agriculture. Kittens are raised cage-free in a quiet home and treated as pets, so they’ll get along well with people by the time of purchase. They offer Traditional, Solid, and Mink Ragdolls in the following colors: red & cream, seal & blue, cinnamon & fawn, and chocolate & lilac. Because they are a closed cattery, any visits will have to first be scheduled.

Kittens go to new homes between 13–16 weeks of age and are vaccinated, as well as spayed/neutered. They are tested for a variety of diseases, including heart, kidney, and eye diseases, along with identity markers and dilute genes.

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4. Ragatootie Ragdolls

Ragatootie Ragdolls logo

This closed, in-home breeder is registered with the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) and has been breeding and showing since 2007. Ragatootie sells the majority of their Ragdolls as pets versus selling to other breeders. Males and females are the same price, unlike at other places. Kittens will be spayed/neutered, wormed, and will have had at least two shots before being sold. Ragatootie’s website also includes a plethora of information on the history of Ragdolls, taking care of Ragdolls, and more!

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5. Redi Freddie’s Ragdolls

Redi Freddie’s Ragdolls logo

This small cattery is a member of TICA, as well as the Ragdoll Fancier Club International. Kittens are released to new owners at 16 weeks and will have been checked by a vet, spayed/neutered, wormed, and given their first three vaccines. All kittens are also microchipped before leaving the breeder. Plus, your new kitten will come with a written contract, a 2-year health guarantee, and TICA registration papers. Redi Freddie’s has lots of glowing reviews, with many people talking about the breeder’s obvious love for Ragdolls.

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6. Sweet Beginnings Nursery

Sweet Beginnings Nursery logo

All kittens from Sweet Beginnings Nursery are TICA registered and are available to go to their new homes between 9-12 weeks of age. They come to you with a health record showing all vaccinations had and proof of worming, plus a 1-year health guarantee. Kittens from this breeder are raised around children and played with often, so they are well-socialized. They specialize in Traditional, Mink, and Solid Ragdolls.

Sweet Beginnings Nursery is licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture, as well as by the county in which they are located.

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