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Ragdoll Kittens for Sale in Tennessee: Breeders List 2021

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Ragdolls are an extremely popular breed of cat, especially if you’re looking for a cuddly pet.

However, Ragdolls can also inherit a variety of different genetic illnesses. Proper breeding is essential to ensure a healthy and well-socialized feline.

For this reason, we highly recommend doing the proper research before adopting a ragdoll. Purchasing fromm a quality breeder is important – not only to ensure that your cat is healthy but also to ensure that you aren’t supporting anyone who is breeding sickly kittens.

Below, we’ve listed some of the most common ragdoll breeders in Tennessee. You can begin your search here.

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7 Ragdoll Breeders in Tennessee

1. Rootin’ Tuten Ragdolls

Rootin Tuten Ragdolls

  • Tullahoma, Tennessee

This small cattery is registered through the TICA and runs extensive health testing on all their kittens. As a small cattery, they do not produce many litters. However, their cats do seem to be pretty affordable – at least as far as Ragdolls go.

They do require a spay-neuter contract with all their kittens. Kittens sold with breeding rights cost more.

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2. Center Hill Ragdolls

Center Hill Ragdolls

  • Middle Tennessee

This cattery is also registered with the TICA and CFA. Their Ragdolls are DNA tested and tested for a variety of diseases before being sent home. Typically, they send their kittens home 12 weeks after they have received their first round of vaccinations.

All their kittens are heavily socialized and desensitized to normal household stimuli.

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3. Dixie Willow

Dixie Willow Ragdolls

  • West Tennessee

Dixie Willow has been breeding Ragdolls for the last 30 years. Their cats have competed in a variety of competitions, and the breeder is involved with many different organizations. For this reason, their cats tend to be a bit more expensive than most.

They do not seem to produce as many kittens as some of the other breeders on this list. However, they do provide medical examinations, testing, and certificates.

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4. Rags 2 Dazzle Ragdolls

Rags 2 Dazzle Ragdolls

  • Chattanooga, Tennessee

This cattery is registered with a variety of organizations, including the TICA and CFA. They provide pet, show, and breeding quality kittens, depending on what you’re looking for. All of their kittens are tested for FELV and FIV before being sent to their forever homes.

For the most part, their kittens seem to be very well-socialized.

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5. Dixon Mountain Ragdoll Cats

Dixon Mountain Ragdolls

  • Sevierville, Tennessee

Dixon Mountain Ragdoll Cats is another TICA registered cattery. All their kittens and breeding cats are TICA registered. They produce both traditional and exotic minks.

A contract is required when purchasing a kitten, but this seems to include the normal things found in kitten contracts. Their kittens cost similar to other breeders.

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6. Tricia’s Dolls

Tricia's Dolls

  • Flintville, Tennessee

Tracia’s Dolls offers a health guarantee with all of their kittens. The breeder sells both pet-quality and breeding-quality kittens, though breeding rights do cost more. For the most part, this breeder does not seem to produce as many litters as other breeders on this list.

With that said, they do produce a wide variety of different colorations.

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7. Smoky Mtn Ragdolls

Smoky Mtn Ragdolls

  • Kodak, Tennessee

Like most responsible breeders, Smoky Mtn Ragdolls offers a vet clearance on all their kittens, showing that their kittens are healthy before they get sent home. They do seem to produce litters regularly and take up to three deposits per litter.

They have been breeding Ragdolls for 9 years, so this breeder is a bit more experienced than others on this list. They also guarantee that their cats are free from genetic problems.

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Featured Image Credit: Ben Schonewille, Shutterstock