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Ragdoll vs Siamese Cat: What’s the Difference? (With Pictures)

Ragdoll and Siamese cats can be easily confused because of their similar colors and coats. Yet aside from their aesthetic similarities, these two breeds couldn’t be any more different. The Ragdoll kitty is, quite literally, a floppy, relaxed ragdoll while the Siamese flourishes from attention and really needs it.

The main difference between the Siamese and Ragdoll breeds is that the Ragdoll is a super independent cat while the Siamese breed requires a significant amount of your time and attention. In fact, they can even get depressed if left alone for too long.

If you’re still stuck between which breed to buy, here is a complete guide to these two amazing and adorable cats to help you decide which one is right for you.

A Quick Overview:

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  • Average Length (adult): 15-20 inches (not including tail)
  • Average Weight (adult): 6-14 pounds
  • Lifespan: 8-15 years
  • Grooming needs: Weekly brushing
  • Traits: Talkative, Loyal, Demanding
  • Dog-friendly: Yes

  • Average Length (adult): 17-21 inches (including tail)
  • Average Weight (adult): 10-20 pounds
  • Lifespan: 12-17 years
  • Grooming needs: 2x /week brushing, bi-monthly baths
  • Traits: Affectionate, Playful, Docile
  • Dog-friendly: Yes


The Siamese is one of the oldest cat breeds and can be traced back to 13th century Thailand. They were first brought to America in the 1800s as an exotic gift for President Rutherford B. Hayes. Today, the Siamese is one of the most popular cat breeds in the United States.

The Ragdoll breed, on the other hand, was developed in California during the 1960s. This stunning kitty comes from cross-breeding Angora, Birman, and Persian cats.


Despite sharing similar color patterns, the Siamese and Ragdoll have very different appearances. Ragdolls tend to be bigger and fluffier than their Siamese counterparts and can weigh up to 12 pounds. The Siamese typically only weighs-in between eight to 10 pounds.

The Siamese breed has short, silky hair. This makes them lower maintenance cats as far as grooming goes and many folks with allergies will favor this breed over Ragdolls as they shed extensively.

Ragdolls tend to be a lot more colorful than the Siamese breed and can come with blue, flame, chocolate, lilac, or cream points.

ragdoll cat on bed
Ragdoll by choosangyeon, Shutterstock


As far as their personalities go, Ragdoll and Siamese cats are like night and day. Siamese cats are energetic extroverts who crave affection while Ragdoll cats tend to be more on the calmer side of the spectrum.

As their namesake suggests, Ragdoll cats will dangle like a ragdoll when held. This trait perfectly sums up their docile personality. These cats love to lounge around and enjoy snuggling on the sofa.

The Siamese needs to be the star of the show and craves attention. They’ll be sure to let you know when they’re not getting enough of it, too. This talkative and charismatic breed never goes unnoticed.

Despite their calm demeanor, Ragdolls don’t get along as well with dogs as the Siamese breed does. The spunky Siamese will do well with an equally energetic dog in the house while the Ragdoll prefers to be an only pet.

The Siamese is also an extremely sensitive kitty. They can easily be prone to depression if ignored or left alone for long periods. While Ragdolls are much more independent, they still need daily affection.

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As stated before, the Siamese requires a lot more of your attention than the Ragdoll does. This is why they don’t make good pets for people who work long hours and can’t dedicate a significant amount of time playing and stimulating them.

To keep your Siamese endlessly entertained, get them a food puzzle toy that will keep them occupied for hours. However, toys should not be a replacement for your own love and attention.

While both self-groom, as all cat breeds do, the Ragdoll will need a significant amount of brushing due to their thick, fluffy fur.

Both cats should be fed a complete and balanced diet of high-protein, high-quality cat food. Look for foods that contain proteins from natural sources, such as fish or poultry, and a lot of fiber. Fiber-rich foods help with weight control, and digestion.

siamese cat with blue eyes
Siamese Cat by chromatos, Shutterstock

Ragdoll and Siamese Similarities

Despite their immense differences, Ragdoll and Siamese cats do have some things in common. Here are a few of those similarities:

  • They both have light bodies with dark paws (referred to as “mittens”), legs, and faces.
  • Both breeds are super affectionate and sensitive
  • Both the Ragdoll and the Siamese are highly intelligent
  • Both breeds are extremely outspoken

Which Cat Breed is Purr-Fect for You?

Despite the fact that both breeds will get along with most people, there are particular types of households that both the Ragdoll and Siamese will thrive in.

Ragdolls would work best in a home where they can be independent. While they’d like to be pet or cuddled every once in a while, they prefer to do their own thing. They also are an extremely relaxed breed and prefer being lazy and napping most of the time. Although they’re a loving cat, Ragdolls do best when they’re the only pet in the household. Because of their long hair and tendency to shed, they aren’t well suited for people with allergies.

Prone to depression, the Siamese will do best in a house where there is always someone around to give her ample attention. They love small kids and will gladly play with your tots for hours. This breed has a ton of energy and needs to be kept exercised and stimulated throughout the day. Thanks to their short hair, Siamese cats are great for people looking for a more hypoallergenic breed, although no cat is truly hypoallergenic.

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Final Thoughts

While both breeds make excellent pets, Siamese cats need constant attention and affection. If you are looking for a more independent, quintessential cat-like breed, a Ragdoll would be more appropriate for you. However, if you want a cat that adores cuddling and snuggling, a Siamese would make an excellent addition to your household.

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