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Sam Sawet Cat Breed Info: Pictures, Temperament & Traits

Height 8–10 inches
Weight 9–14 pounds
Lifespan 12–20 years
Colors White, black, blue (gray), brown, fawn (tan)
Suitable for Active families, owners with mild to moderate allergies
Temperament Active, intelligent, and friendly

When cat lovers think of Thailand, they probably jump straight to the Siamese. But few know about the Sam Sawet, a non-colorpoint cousin that shares some traits with the Siamese. Sam Sawet cats have beautiful appearances, with solid-colored coats that can be common colors like white, black, or rarer colors like brown and fawn. They have slender frames, angular heads, and bright, clear eyes. These cats are either very new or very ancient, depending on your perspective. Sam Sawet-type cats have been roaming Thailand for centuries, but the breed has very little recognition in the rest of the world, and it’s only in the past few years that some breeders have begun working to standardize the breed.

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Sam Sawet Kittens – Before You Welcome One Into Your Family…


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3 Little-Known Facts About the Sam Sawet

1. These Cats Have an Ancient History

Today, most Sam Sawet cats are wild-type cats living in Thailand, with roots going back centuries. It’s likely that just as Siamese cats were favored by wealthy pet owners in the past, the ancestors of today’s Sam Sawets were beloved pets to people of all classes.

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2. Sam Sawet Cats are Hypoallergenic

One unusual trait that many Sam Sawet cats share is that they don’t trigger allergies much or at all. Sam Sawet cats have a plush coat that is resistant to shedding and doesn’t produce much dander, similar to Russian Blue cats. This makes them a great choice for owners who have mild to moderate allergies.

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3. There’s No Such Thing as a Purebred Sam Sawet

Purebred cats have a pedigree—that’s an ancestry—of other purebred cats that are recognized by a cat registry. Because the Sam Sawet has been ignored for so long, no major cat registries have recognized it yet. Once breeders have a stable population in the US that meets a written breed standard, they can apply for recognition. But for now, most Thai cats have an equal claim on the breed’s name.


Temperament & Intelligence of the Sam Sawet

The Sam Sawet is an incredibly intelligent and friendly cat. These cats have survived hundreds of years through their intelligence, so they are great hunters and good at building relationships with humans. Many Sam Sawet cats are vocal and talkative. They love to meow to their owners as they go throughout the day.

Sam Sawet cats are also highly active. They love all kinds of toys and love heights. They can often jump six feet or more into the air!

Are These Cats Good for Families?👪

Sam Sawet cats are good cats for active families. They often understand and are patient with small children, but every cat has different tolerances, so it’s important to supervise children around them. If you have small children, you should watch them until they are old enough to play with and gently pet your cat without grabbing on fur or ears. You should also teach children to give your Sam Sawet space to retreat if necessary. Because these cats are so active and friendly, they often do well in noisy, busy households.

Does This Breed Get Along with Other Pets?

Sam Sawet cats can get along with other pets. Like all cats, they have a strong prey instinct so they shouldn’t be given access to small pets like fish, parakeets, or fancy mice. Many Sam Sawet cats get on well with other cats and dogs. If you want to introduce a Sam Sawet to a multi-pet house, make sure to start introductions gradually so that every pet will be comfortable and happy. With proper precautions, most cats can have happy relationships with other dogs and cats.


Things to Know When Owning a Sam Sawet:

Food & Diet Requirements

Sam Sawets are a medium-sized breed that are generally active. They need about one-third to half of a cup of food per day. You can split this food up into multiple meals if necessary. You should feed your Sam Sawet a high-quality wet or dry food with meat as its first ingredient. Kittens and nursing or expectant mothers should be fed a growth formula cat food. Older cats will need less food as their metabolism and activity levels are older.


Sam Sawet cats are very active and need space to run and play. A good scratching post or cat tree is a must. You also want to give your cat a mix of self-guided toys (like catnip toys and balls) and interactive toys (like feather wands) to keep your cat engaged and interested. Sam Sawet cats love to play and love interacting with their owners, so put aside some time to spend together every day.

Training 🧶

Sam Sawet cats are highly trainable for cats. Litter box training and grooming should come naturally to a Sam Sawet, with some help from mother cats. Most Sam Sawet cats can be trained to walk on a leash with patience. Some can even be taught to do tricks or follow commands. When training a Sam Sawet, give lots of praise and rewards for good behavior and don’t expect perfection.


Sam Sawet cats generally have low-maintenance coats that need little grooming. If you live in an area with distinct seasons, you may need to brush your Sam Sawet occasionally in the spring to remove shed hair. Your Sam Sawet shouldn’t need regular brushing, although he’ll enjoy pets and cuddles. If your cat becomes very dirty or stinky, an occasional warm bath can help keep your cat clean, but most Sam Sawet cats dislike water and should be bathed in water as little as possible.

Health and Conditions🏥

These cats are generally very healthy, with no health conditions linked to the breed yet. Because the Sam Sawet is a naturally occurring breed, they have more genetic diversity than many cat breeds, but they still need proper veterinary care to make sure they don’t have any health conditions. Like all cats, overfeeding is a major cause of health problems in the Sam Sawet. Monitoring your cat’s food intake to avoid obesity will make your cat healthier and happier.

Your cat will be happier and healthier if spayed or neutered. Female cats who are spayed will be more emotionally stable and won’t have to experience heat cycles, pregnancy, or giving birth. Male cats who are neutered will be less aggressive. Neutering should also curb scent-spraying behavior in male cats.

Minor Conditions
  • None known
Serious Conditions
  • None known
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Male vs Female

Sam Sawet cats have a range of personalities, and gender only plays a small part in your cat’s temperament, but there are some differences between male and female cats. First off, male cats tend to be bigger and more active. This means that they need slightly more food to be healthy. Male cats are also often more relaxed and laid back, as well as being more comfortable around strangers. Female cats are generally slightly more anxious. They can grow more attached to their owners and are more likely to develop separation anxiety. Female cats also live about two years longer than males on average.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, the Sam Sawet is a cat with a rich history and a beautiful appearance. From their origins in medieval Thailand down to the present, these cats have been a constant part of Thai history. These cats are recognizable for their angular heads and bodies, their intelligent eyes, and their plush coats. Even though cat registries don’t recognize the Sam Sawet, that doesn’t make the breed any less valuable.

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Featured Image Credit: KerngKerStock, Shutterstock