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19 Scottish Fold Cat Colors & Patterns (With Pictures)

Scottish Folds cats are the result of a spontaneous mutation in farm cats in Scotland. They have folded ears, hence their name.

While the Scottish cat is easily distinguishable by their curled ears, it can come in just about every color that other cats come in. We’ll look at all those colors in this article.

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The 19 Scottish Fold Colors & Patterns 19 Scottish Fold Cat Colors & Patterns


1. White Scottish Fold

This Scottish cat is pure glistening white. They have pink noses and paws, with eyes of blue, copper, or gold. Some of them have eyes of different colors, which is usually one blue eye and one copper or gold eye.

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2. Black Scottish Fold

black yellow-eyed scottish fold cat_AnnaGorbenko_shutterstock
Image Credit: AnnaGorbenko, Shutterstock

Black Scottish Fold cats should be solid black throughout their body. They should not have a smokey undercoat or anything of that sort. Their noses are black, and their paw pads are black or brown. Typically, their eyes are copper or gold.

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3. Blue Scottish Fold

While all shades of blue exist, lighter blue is more common. They should be one tone from their nose to their tail. Their nose and paws will be blue as well, while their eyes are copper or gold.

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4. Red Scottish Fold

Furry red scottish fold highland breed Cat_Seregraff_shutterstock
Image Credit: Seregraff, Shutterstock

These deeply red cats are typically free from any markings. Their lips and chin are the same color. Even their nose and paws are bright copper. Their eyes are usually golden or copper as well.

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5. Cream Scottish Fold

scottish fold longhair cream kitten_Oleksandr Volchanskyi_shutterstock
Image Credit: Oleksandr Volchanskyi, Shutterstock

A cream-colored Scottish cat comes in many shades, though lighter shades are common. They are usually cream all the way to their roots. Their eyes are copper or golden, while their paws and nose are pink.

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6. Chocolate Scottish Fold

These rich, chestnut-color Scottish Folds have brown noses and paws. Their eyes are typically copper or golden, like most of the other coat colors.

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7. Lilac Scottish Fold

This Scottish cat is a frosty grey with a pinkish tone. They are the same shade throughout. Their paws and nose are even lavender-pink, while their eyes are typically golden or copper.

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8. Cinnamon Scottish Fold

With cinnamon-colored paws, these lightly reddish are sound throughout. They are solidly colored with eyes of copper or gold.

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9. Fawn Scottish Fold

Scottish fold cat_papa1266_shutterstock
Image Credit: papa1266, Shutterstock

This Scottish cat is similar to the Lilac colors, but they have pale cocoa overtones. They are the same shade throughout their body. Many different fawn shades are possible, but lighter is more common. They have similarly colored paws and noses, but their eyes are copper or gold.

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10. Chinchilla Silver Scottish Fold

silver chinchilla Scottish fold playing toy_schlyx_shutterstock
Image Credit: schlyx, Shutterstock

These cats have pure white undercoats. However, they are pointed with black on their back, flanks, head, and tail. This gives them a silver appearance. The rims of their eyes, lips, and nose are outlined in black. Their nose is a typically reddish color, while their paws are black. Their eyes are green or blue-green.

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11. Shaded Silver Scottish Fold

Scottish fold cat marble shadded tabby_Veronika Dolgaya_shutterstock
Image Credit: Veronika Dolgaya, Shutterstock

Similar to the Chinchilla Silver, these cats have an undercoat of pure white. They are ticked with black throughout their body, including down their sides and on their face. The legs are typically the same shade as their face. They are much darker than a chinchilla. Their eyes, nose, and lips are outlined in black.

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12. Chinchilla Golden Scottish Fold

cute Scottish fold kittens chinchilla one month old_Mikhail Kniazev_shutterstock
Image Credit: Mikhail Kniazev, Shutterstock

With an undercoat of rich cream, these cats are tipped with black throughout. Their legs may be shaded a little bit, but not too much. They typically have rose colored noses and black paw pads. Their eyes are green or blue-green in most cases.

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13. Shaded Golden Scottish Fold

These cats are pretty much exactly like the chinchilla golden. They are tipped with blacker, though, which makes them appear darker. Their eyes, nose, and paws are similar as well.

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14. Shell Cameo Scottish Fold

Shell Cameo
Image Credit: chris7533, Pixabay

This is also known as the red chinchilla. These cats have a white undercoat, but they are tipped with red throughout. They have a “sparkling” appearance. Their nose and paws are rose-red in most cases.

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15. Tabby Scottish Fold

Like many cats, these can felines can display a number of tabby patterns. These include classic, mackerel, spotted, ticked, and patched. Basically, any tabby pattern that exists, these cats can have it. That also includes practically any color they can come in as well.

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16. Tabby and White Scottish Fold

Tabby White
Image Credit: Pxhere

These cats can also come in tabby colorations with white markings. The markings can appear throughout their body, though on their neck and belly is the most common.

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17. Parti-Colored Scottish Fold

These are also called Bi-colored. Basically, they are cats that have two of the accepted colors. This can include a variety of patterns, including things like tortoiseshells and calicos. All established solid colors can also be marked with white.

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18. Pointed Scottish Fold

british fold tortoiseshell cat_Denys R_shutterstock
Image Credit: Denys R, Shutterstock

Pointed cats have a dominant coat color and then “points.” This excludes pointed and white, which is included as another coat color.

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19. Other Scottish Fold Coat Colorations

Image Credit: Pxhere

Scottish folds come in just about any coat color. If it can genetically happen, it is acceptable. And a lot can happen with these feline’s coat colorations. Because of this, you never really know what you’re going to get. These cats have a lot of genetic diversity, and they have a lot of acceptable patterns.

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Featured Image Credit: PublicDomainPictures, Pixabay