30 Best Gift Ideas for Cats in 2022 — Reviews & Top Picks

cat playing a tower of tracks toy

Gift-giving season is always a bit nerve-wracking, largely due to the possibility that you might end up buying the wrong gift or even forget someone entirely. If you screw up your Uncle Frank’s gift, the worst that’s likely to happen is that he’ll rib you about it for a bit. But there’s someone else that … Read more

120+ Chinese Cat Names: Ideas for Interesting & Intriguing Cats

shell persian cat

Perhaps, you’re drawn to Chinese names because you have a Siamese and want something traditional to the breed. Or maybe you have an affection for the culture. Whatever your reason for choosing a name of Chinese origin, we rounded up some of the most interestingly beautiful names we could find. Whether you’re looking for a … Read more

100+ Orange Cat Names: Ideas for Friendly & Mellow Cats

The possibilities are endless when it comes to kitten fur colors. Grey, white, black, bi-color, tricolor, calico, tuxedo – just to name a few. Among the various combinations, one stands out. It’s undeniable and warm. Ignites a sense of individuality and flair. We’re talking about energetic and fresh orange-colored kittens! These precious gems are hard … Read more

19 Best Gifts Ideas for Cat Dads of 2022

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Many people don’t realize that men can be just as attached to their pets as women are. Many people struggle with purchasing gifts for men, but if they own a pet, the solution is easy — get them something that will improve their time with their pet. We’re going to concentrate on cat owners and … Read more