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Siamese Kittens For Sale in Michigan: Breeders List 2023

Excited Cats advocates for adopting before shopping, though we fully understand there are many reasons for seeking a breeder. So, we encourage it to be done the right way. We have not personally visited or investigated all of the breeders below. We have put the top-recommended all in one place for you to get in touch and make the best decision for you. Learn more about our stance and how to choose the right breeder here.

Living in Michigan and trying to buy a pair of Siamese kittens is a bit of a challenge. Relying on adoption clinics and humane societies isn’t where you can always count on finding the breed you’re looking for. If you want a specific cat, such as a Seal Point Siamese kitten, you’re better off buying from a high-quality breeder in your area. We have put together a short list of the top Siamese cat breeders in Michigan to help you find your new feline friend.

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The 5 Siamese Kitten Breeders in Michigan

1. Katz Meow Cattery

Katz Meow Cattery

  • Waterford, MI

The Katz Meow Cattery is known for only breeding Seal, Blue Chocolate Point, and Lilac Point Siamese kittens. Their cats come from purebred, registered bloodlines and go through a series of tests and screenings before being allowed to go to their new home. They are also a Cat Kingpin-recognized breeder, and all their cats get registered with the Traditional Cat Association and American Cat Association.

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2. Siamese Resort

Siamese Resort

  • Chesaning, MI

The Siamese Resort is a smaller cattery located in the small town of Chesaning, MI. Both parents are on-site here, and they are registered with the Traditional Cat Association. Because this breeder is smaller, they only breed a couple of litters per year to ensure the safety of all the cats on site.

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3. Winterfrost


  • Roscommon, MI

Winterfrost is another small cattery focusing mainly on Oriental Shorthairs, Colorpoint Shorthairs, and Siamese cats. This cattery is located in Roscommon, MI. The owner has been a creed council member of the Cat Fanciers’ Association since 2019. Their Siamese litters are rare, so be sure to check the site as often as possible to secure a new kitten.

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4. Sanmaurs Siamese

Sanmaurs Siamese

  • Sterling Heights, MI

Buying new kittens is a stressful process. You want to ensure you are buying from a recognized breeder with experience. Sanmaurs Siamese cattery has been registered with the CFA since 1980 and TICA since 1983. Their first cat was a gift of a 6-week-old Chocolate Point Siamese cat, and it wasn’t long after that she was taken to a show where she was denied entry. After that, this breeder purchased an eligible show cat and turned her into a Grand Champion. Today, they breed many colors, including some Applepoint Siamese kittens and Flamepoint Siamese kittens.

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5. Mitten Kittens

Mitten Kittens

  • Munger, MI

The last cat breeder on our list is Mitten Kittens, located in Munger, MI. This cattery started with a single male that the family fell in love with. The rest was history, as they couldn’t help but breed him for his beautiful blue eyes and loving personality. Their goal is to raise beautiful kittens that they treat like family until they are ready to move on to their forever homes.

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