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Smalls vs Cat Person: Which Fresh Cat Food to Choose? (2023)

Fresh cat foods have burst onto the scene of cat nutrition relatively recently. They are more than just a trend, though, with many owners who feed their cat’s raw diets saying they see shinier coats, cleaner teeth, and overall general good health.

Many of us do not have the time or ability to cook our cat’s raw food at home. Still, luckily you can get the same benefits of homecooked food with commercial raw food brands. Once you choose to feed your cat a commercially produced fresh diet, you’re left with the next choice… Which brand?

With raw food trending at the moment, we are flooded with options, and it can be hard to sort through all the marketing and promotions to find the food that will be best for our cats and us. Two popular brands on the scene are fresh cat food delivery services: Smalls and Cat Person. We’ve done the hard work of deeply researching every aspect of both brands to present you with all the facts, backed by genuine reviews from real cat owners.

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A Quick Glance

Image Product Details
The Winner
Cat Person Fresh Cat Food Cat Person Fresh Cat Food
  • Feature icon19 recipes to choose from
  • Feature iconNo subscription needed
  • Feature iconNo artificial additives
  • The Close Runner-Up
    Second place
    Smalls Human-Grade Fresh Cat Food Smalls Human-Grade Fresh Cat Food
  • Feature iconHuman-grade, high quality ingredients
  • Feature iconNo artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives
  • Feature iconEasy-to-use subscription service
  • A Sneak Peek at the Winner: Cat Person

    We looked at both brands from every angle imaginable. While both offered some strengths and weaknesses, overall, we found Cat Person to come in slightly before their competitor Smalls. We loved the range of products that Cat Person has; there is something for every cat. We also loved that they included a novel protein in their range to cater to cats with sensitive digestion.

    Cat Person was also outstanding in their customer service. Their website was easy to navigate to find pricing and plans to compare. The flexibility in their service was stellar with an optional subscription plan or easy on-off purchases.

    The brand and products best suited for you may differ based on you and your cat’s unique needs. No brand is perfect, and each has its highlights and shortfalls. Read on to get to know both these fresh cat food brands in excruciating detail.

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    About Smalls

    smalls premium human grade fresh cat food with kittens

    Smalls is a US-based fresh food company. They offer their exclusive products in a delivered meal subscription-only tailored to your specific cat.

    Small’s products are made from 100% human-grade ingredients, meaning they meet the same legal food standards as human food does! They go above and beyond the regular norms for cat food and provide only the best in their recipes.

    Smalls is also a company committed to sustainable practices. All its ingredients are sustainably sourced and manufactured right here in the United States (and Canada). In addition, their product package is eco-friendly and recyclable.


    Smalls has a reasonable range of available recipes in their range.

    They have their human-grade fresh food, which comes in the following flavors:
    • Bird (chicken)
    • Other bird (turkey)
    • Cow (beef)
    • Fish (Pollock and mackerel)
    Their freeze-dried range includes:
    • Bird (chicken)
    • Other bird (turkey)
    • Water bird (duck)
    Their treat range consists of:
    • Giblet Niblets (100% chicken pieces – freeze-dried)
    • Bird broth (100% chicken broth)
    • Kibble (packaged as a supplement and not a complete diet)

    Customer Service

    From your first landing on the Smalls webpage, you are bombarded with marketing tactics. To get an idea of their products, you must navigate quite a few pages. Then to get a price for their products, you have to navigate even deeper. This makes the customer experience rather difficult initially as options and prices are not well-presented and easy to find.

    The questionnaire is designed to help you find the best plan and product for your cat, but it is the only way to see your options. This means to compare options, you have to go through the questionnaire over and over. There is no simple way to see various plans.

    General reviews of Smalls customer service are poor. Many past customers have found it a struggle to contact a real person to deal with any issues. Others have reviewed their sales tactics to be deceptive and have received charges they were not expecting.

    Not every customer experience is negative. Many others are happy customers of Smalls. But generally, it seems that the customer experience will be hit or miss.

    Smalls human grade fresh food bowl with kitten


    Pricing will vary depending on the plan chosen. Still, after quite some time of engaging with the questionnaire, we have found that the average cost is $90 – $120 a month. This equates to $3 – $4 a day to feed just one cat.

    In addition, there is a $10 shipping fee for each delivery.


    Smalls offers 25% off the first box of their meal plan, but you can save 33% by using the code Excitedcats2022 at checkout. This first box also comes with free shipping. However, this trial box is not stand-alone. To get this first box, you do need to subscribe to an ongoing plan.

    Smalls offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not happy with their products.

    • All ingredients are “human-grade” quality
    • Eco-friendly packaging
    • Filler free food
    • Free from artificial additives (colors, flavors, preservatives
    • Only available as a subscription
    • Poor customer service
    • No customization to meal plans

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    About Cat Person

    cat person cat on counter

    Cat Person is new on the scene, launching in March 2020. They sell not only fresh cat foods but also other cat products such as litter, furniture, and toys.

    Since they are not exclusively a food company, they rely on outsourcing their food manufacturing. The seafood recipes are manufactured in Thailand, but they express their commitment to ethical labor and sustainable sourcing. Their seafood ingredients are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council.

    Their factories in the United States are also powered by solar power. Both Cat Person’s manufacturers primarily work with human food manufacturing. Their standards are just as high for the manufacturing of Cat Person’s cat food recipes.


    The range of food that Cat Person offers is vast. There are 19 different recipes, all up with their eight wet food recipes coming in two forms – shreds and pate.

    Flavors include:
    • Chicken
    • Duck
    • Tuna
    • Beef
    • Chicken & duck
    • Turkey & chicken
    • Mackerel & bream
    • Salmon & Tuna
    In addition to their wet range, they also offer three flavors of dry food:
    • Duck & turkey
    • Chicken & turkey
    • Salmon & tuna

    Each recipe only contains 1 – 2 proteins, and all recipes are grain-free.

    Cat Person also has five “treat” products, called “goodness blends.” Both treats and supplements to a diet include:
    • Bone and joint
    • Cognitive health
    • Digestive support
    • Immune support
    • Skin and coat

    Customer Service

    On first contact, we found that Cat Person’s website was easy to navigate. Their prices and options were easy to find and very transparent. There are no surprises in their products and offerings.

    Research into many consumer review websites and Cat Person reviews shows that most customer service reviews are very positive. However, to contact a customer service representative, you must contact them by either text or email. There is no option to call someone directly, so response time may be a few business days.


    Pricing varies depending on the products purchased. Engaging in their subscription service, the average monthly cost was $60, so about $2 per day.

    Cat Person also offers their products on what they call “a la carte” service, which basically means you can purchase any product separately one-off, no subscription required.


    Cat Person’s cat food range has a lot of desirable promotions:
    • 100% money-back guarantee
    • Orders of $40 ship free
    • Free shipping on meal plan subscriptions
    • Subscriptions are 10% cheaper than buying food separately
    • Starter box for $25 for trial periods

    Also, while it is not really a promotion, a fun little tidbit is that the box that Cat Person food is shipped in can convert into a cat playhouse!

    • 19 different recipes
    • Customizable meal plans
    • No subscription needed
    • No artificial additives
    • No options for specific dietary needs
    • Not 100% raw

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    The 3 Most Popular Smalls Recipes

    1. Freeze-Dried Raw Duck Recipe

    smalls cat enjoying freeze dried raw food

    Freeze-dried raw food offers all the benefits of a raw diet without the messy and expirable qualities raw diets are known for. This freeze-dried recipe is made from high-quality duck meat and duck products such as duck heart, liver, gizzard, egg, and blood.

    What we also love about this product is its use of goat’s milk. Goat’s milk contains prebiotics that supports a cat’s digestion. This, alongside the novel protein of duck, can help a cat’s system with digestive sensitivities.

    • Novel protein is great for cats with protein allergies
    • Long shelf life
    • High protein
    • Added goats milk
    • Low moisture content
    • High phosphorus levels are not suitable for cats with kidney issues
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    2. Human-Grade Fresh: Cow

    Smalls Fresh Cow Recipe

    Made from 90% ground beef, this human-grade cat food has a small list of high-quality ingredients. With only one animal protein utilized, the risk of adverse reactions is low. The ingredients are all highly digestible and able to be metabolized easily by a cat.

    This wet food also has a high moisture content, so it supports the digestive system and general hydration.

    • High protein
    • High in moisture
    • High fat
    • Contains peas, a common allergen
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    3. Giblet Nibblet Freeze-Dried Treats

    Smalls chicken giblet niblets


    This product is highly reviewed as being adored as a treat by cats. It contains just one ingredient: 100% lean chicken. Freeze-dried to increase shelf life, this is a guilt-free treat, and the taste is loved by cats, without any extra fillers.

    • Only 1 ingredient: chicken
    • High protein
    • Low moisture content
    • Not suitable for poultry allergies

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    The 3 Most Popular Cat Person Recipes

    1. Chicken Shreds

    Cat Person Wet Food Chicken

    Made from 45% chicken and 41% chicken broth, this product features its protein source with very few additives. The texture is loved by cats and is great for older cats who struggle with hard kibbles.

    Without all the additives common in the pet food industry, this product is just plain and straightforward carnivore nutrition.

    • Grain-free
    • Highly palatable
    • Chicken broth is high in moisture for hydration
    • Added fats are plant-based (sunflower oil)
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    2. Salmon-Tuna Dry Food

    Cat Person Dry Food Salmon & Tuna

    While this particular range of products would not formally fall under “fresh” or “raw,” it aligns closer to these describing words than traditional kibble does. The main ingredients are high-quality sources of animal proteins without any grains, wheat, or soy acting as fillers.

    The result is a high protein and high-fat kibble that is easy for carnivorous cats to digest and metabolize.

    • Added animal fats for essential fatty acids
    • Salmon as the primary ingredient
    • No artificial additives
    • Low moisture content
    • Contains pea proteins
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    3. Goodness Blend – Digestive Support

    goodness blend digestive support

    This blend of protein and supplements is considered as part of Cat Person’s treat range. Cats happily lapped up its brothy consistency, giving a protein boost from turkey and salmon with lots of little extra additives designed to support digestive health.

    • Beet pulp for intestinal health
    • Inulin for a gut prebiotic
    • Supplement only

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    Recall History of Brand Smalls and Cat Person

    Smalls Cat Food Recalls

    The only recorded recall of Smalls cat food products was in June 2021. The recall affected a small range of their turkey and chicken recipes – both ground and pate recipes of each.

    The recall came off the back of feedback from multiple customers who stated that the products they received seemed spoiled and smelt strange. Smalls recalled these products to investigate. No specific details ever came from this recall, and no reports of illness have been linked to Smalls cat food.

    Cat Person Cat Food Recalls

    As of November 2021, there is no history of any Cat Person cat food product recalls.

    Cat eating wet food from white bowl on wooden floor
    Image Credit: IMG Stock Studio, Shutterstock

    Smalls vs Cat Person Comparison

    Ingredient Quality

    Both companies pride themselves on their commitment to sourcing quality and sustainable ingredients.

    Smalls is certified by USDA as human grade, meaning that while their food is for cats, legally, it’s safe for human consumption. This is a selling point for Smalls, who pride themselves on these high-quality ingredients.

    On the other hand, Cat Person does not meet this standard, but they still excel in the basic requirements for safe pet food. The first ingredient in all their recipes is whole animal protein, with by-products added as an afterthought rather than the key source of protein.

    These high-quality ingredients make both Smalls and Cat Person’s recipes very species appropriate for cats and easily digested and metabolized by carnivorous cats.


    All recipes from both brands are grain, wheat, soy, and corn-free. Both brands offer superb cat nutrition. All recipes are high in protein and healthy fats as well as being low in carbohydrates. The recipes are easy for cats to digest without these fillers, and the energy is easily metabolized.

    Specific nutrition will vary across the product range of each brand. All of Smalls’ range is considered a raw food, while Cat Person has some products that are considered kibble.

    Recipe Selection

    Both brands offer an extensive range of recipes in their cat food ranges. They both have dry and wet foods. They also both have two types of wet food – textured and smooth pate. These offerings mean that both brands have something for every cat.

    Cat Person has a higher range of protein sources with their duck recipes. Cat Persons duck recipes are the only products out of all Smalls and Cat Person’s range that contains a novel protein, making it an excellent choice for cats with animal protein allergies.

    cat eating food at home
    Image Credit: Africa Studio, Shutterstock

    Customer Service

    Cat Person has an excellent general positive rating regarding their customer service. Many past customers have had positive experiences. We found their website to be a lot more user-friendly and very transparent during our reviews, making for a pleasant customer experience.

    On the flip side, Smalls was the opposite. Their online content is very vague, and it is hard to access pricing and product options. This continues onto their personal customer experience, with many reports of poor communication and unhappy customers.


    Both brands are not cheap. They are more expensive than many other regular cat diets, but that is part of the fresh food cat movement. In comparison with each other, Smalls in generally more expensive. In saying this, both brands have multiple pricing options for their meal plans.

    Cat Person has more attractive promotional offers that will be financially beneficial for customers, including shipping deals and subscription discounts.


    Both brands have exclusive offerings. You will find that neither brands have products in general marketplaces such as Chewy or Amazon. They offer their products from their websites exclusively.

    Both offer a meal plan subscription. Smalls only provide their products this way, while products can be purchased without a subscription from Cat Person.

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    As you can see, there’s a lot more to discover about each brand than an overarching winner. After discussing each in-depth, we prefer the Cat Person brand for our fresh cat food. Alongside their excellent nutrition, their customer service, and experience top that of Smalls.

    Cat Person has flexible purchasing, and we loved that a subscription was not needed to get their products, but there were some benefits for subscribing!

    While both brands had a fantastic quality of ingredients, Smalls did step forward in this regard with all their cat food ingredients being certified human grade.

    Your choice of fresh cat food brand will depend on what you really value in your cat food. Overall, neither will let you down, and both will provide your cat with top-tier nutrition.

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