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18 Smart Solutions to Hide Your Cat’s Litter Box (With Pictures)

Owning a cat is one of life’s great pleasures, but it comes with one smelly drawback: having to keep a litter box in your home.

While you may not mind, your guests are another matter. Even if you can keep the smell under control, though, no one wants to have to look at that disgusting box during a dinner party.

With that in mind, we put together a few clever ways to hide your cat’s litter box so guests will be none the wiser — and your cat won’t be inconvenienced either.Cat ball divider 1

1. Hidden Litter Box Cabinet by bizurkur

This design from user bizurkur looks like a beautiful, rustic cabinet. Inside is a large compartment that can accommodate even the biggest boxes, and the wood will no doubt help keep the smell contained.

The only hint that this might be something other than a storage space is the tiny little cutout on the side where your cat can enter and exit.

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2. Under the Stairs by southgatebengals

You have to be really dedicated to your feline friend (and own your own home) to implement this strategy from southgatebengals, but it’s a clever — and permanent — solution that your cat will surely love.

It requires cutting a hole in the wall somewhere, such as in a cupboard under a staircase, and then placing a litter tray in the hole. That way, your cat has a completely private area, and you never have to leave the box lying around.

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3. Hidden Bench by ungerconstruction

You’ll do a double-take when you realize that there’s a litter box in this picture from ungerconstruction. See it yet?

Actually, the box isn’t in the picture — but the entrance to it is. At the end of the bench, you’ll see a little hole where your cat can access a box hidden in the closet. Your cat will love it. Your guests won’t even know it’s there.

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4. Secret Bathroom by saegewerke

If there’s one thing everyone needs, it’s more storage space in the bathroom. This option from saegewerke gives you that, as well as a neat way to hide your cat’s toilet.

Up top, you’ll find a flat surface that’s great for holding towels and toiletries, and on the bottom, you’ll see a cutaway where your kitten can crawl in to do their business. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

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5. Under the Sink by kanehomecabinetryanddesign

This option from kanehomecabinetryanddesign isn’t really hidden (in fact, it will draw quite a bit of attention), but it makes up for it by being extremely stylish.

Using custom cabinet doors, you can have an easy way for your cat to get to a box stored under the sink in your kitchen or mudroom.

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6. Painted Cabinet by i.factory2018

This cabinet from i.factory2018 is another model that draws attention to the litter box but does so in a way that will earn appreciative stares rather than looks of disgust.

The box is hidden from view inside the cabinet, but the painting around the entrance gives the whole thing an artistic vibe.

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7. Feeding Station Combo from pissingkittens

This model from the aptly-named Instagram user pissingkittens does double duty as both a food storage area and a bathroom.

The entrance on the side is the only giveaway that there’s a litter box in the area, and the food and water bowls on top give your cat all the amenities they need in one convenient location.

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8. Cat Tree in Disguise by bmoonstevens

This creation from bmoonstevens is another example of one-stop shopping for your cat. It has a place to store food bowls, a climbing tree, and of course, a hidden bathroom.

Just be careful if you have multiple cats — the last thing you want is one shaking the tree while the other is trying to do their business underneath.

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9. Behind the Curtain by sleepypurpleburgers

This functional dresser from sleepypurpleburgers gives off a bit of a Bohemian vibe, but your company will never guess what’s hiding behind the curtain.

There’s plenty of room for a large litter box underneath the drawers. The only question is whether you want your clothes to be that close to your cat’s bathroom.

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10. Comfy Bench by bearandanchor

You and your cat will both have comfortable places to relax with this bench from bearandanchor. The cushioned top makes it a great place to sit, while the enclosed bottom makes it a safe place for your pet to do their business.

This model can work just as well outdoors, so it’s great for cats that like to come and go as they please.

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11. Double-Duty Dresser by curbsidetreasures

This dresser from curbsidetreasures has functional drawers up top and a large cabinet underneath for the litter box, complete with a generously-sized entrance.

While you could put clothes in it, this seems like it would be more at home in a living room or office.

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12. Rear End Table by traceydsims

You can curl up in your favorite easy chair and read next to this end table from traceydsims while your cat uses the facilities hidden inside. (Good luck concentrating on the plot when your cat is concentrating on its plop.)

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13. Hideaway Box from tatted_mama28

If you have kids, guests will assume that this box from tatted_mama28 is just another toy chest. However, you won’t want your little ones playing with the treasures hidden inside this beast.

It’s low-key and simple — the kind of thing that you can make in a weekend but that will undoubtedly earn you compliments for years to come.

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14. Bathroom Vanity from el_colonial_1969

This charming option from el_colonial_1969 involves a cat-shaped cutout that serves as your pet’s entryway to their own bathroom.

The only downside we can see is that it looks like you’ll always have a cat watching while you are trying to go.

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15. Potted Plant by viloettailor

This one’s a bit of a cheat, as it’s a store-bought option, but you can hide the box inside a potted plant, as user viloettailor demonstrates.

While it hides the unattractive box, it serves an even better purpose: the plant can absorb some of the odors wafting up.

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16. Old School Cool by confettidreamss


It looks like something you’d find on the set of an old school radio drama, but this cabinet from confettidreamss is actually a creative way to hide a litter box.

Just be prepared for your guests to try to buy your antique cabinet before they learn what it really is.

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17. Apple Crates by heather_nordell

Instagrammer heather_nordell put together this attractive low-tech option. It’s simply two apple boxes put together with an entry hole cut in the side.

Even better, it’s a great place to store necessary bathroom items, and it goes with virtually any décor.

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18. No Dogs Allowed by thekittypass

This option from thekittypass is ideal for households with multiple species of pets. It’s simply a cut out in a door that only has enough room for your cat to enter and exit.

Your pooch won’t be happy about being excluded — but at least your cat will be able to have one room all to themselves.

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Where Will You Hide Yours?

Hopefully, these ideas will provide inspiration for creative ways to hide your cat’s litter box. Each option will keep your cat’s bathroom discreet yet accessible, so you can stash the most unattractive part of cat ownership someplace out of the way without making life harder for your pet.

You can always just leave the box out in the open, but that’s neither fun nor stylish. Doesn’t your cat — not to mention your company — deserve better?

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Featured image credit: Female grey tabby and white cat resting on a box of cat litter by Ildar Sagdejev