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Sphynx Kittens for Sale in Pennsylvania: Breeders List 2023

Excited Cats advocates for adopting before shopping, though we fully understand there are many reasons for seeking a breeder. So, we encourage it to be done the right way. We have not personally visited or investigated all of the breeders below. We have put the top-recommended all in one place for you to get in touch and make the best decision for you. Learn more about our stance and how to choose the right breeder here.

Sphynx kittens are hairless cats that are steadily gaining in popularity across America due to their attractive appearance and friendly temperament. If you live in Pennsylvania and want to purchase one of these kittens for your home, it can be a little challenging since these cats are still somewhat rare. We’ve compiled a list of all of the respected breeders we could find to help you get closer to owning one of these cats. For each entry on the list, we’ll provide you with a name, website, and short description so you can see if they are right for you.

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6 Sphynx Breeders in Pennsylvania

1. Bare Necesskitties

Bare Necesskitties

  • Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

Bare Necesskitties is a Sphynx breeder from Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, with several cats they use for parents. The kittens receive plenty of socialization with their siblings living in an Army veteran’s home until it is ready for adoption. They scan the parents for HCM annually, and none of their breeding cats have any known health issues. They have an easy-to-use waiting list that you can get on to receive your kitten as soon as possible.

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2. Destyny Sphynx

Destyny Sphynx

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Destyny Sphynx has focused exclusively on the Sphynx breed since 2003 and regularly shows the cats in The International Cat Association cat shows. They thoroughly discuss their kittens with potential buyers and encourage you to ask questions and will only release cats once they know the owner knows how to raise them.

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3. Bare Butt Sphynx

Sphynx kittens
Image Credit: dezy, Shutterstock
  • Northeast, Pennsylvania

Bare Butt Sphynx has been breeding Sphynx since 2010. They are members of The Intercontinental Cat Association and the Cat Fanciers Association. They are easy to contact through their website and will work with you and help you get the cat you want.

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4. JRS Birthday Suit Sphynx

JRS Birthday Suit Sphynx

  • Lehighton, Pennsylvania

JRS Birthday Suit Sphynx has several queens that they use for mating, so you shouldn’t need to wait too long to receive your kitten, and they even have a few available at the time of this writing. Each cat is health tested, scanned for HCM, and is up to date on all vaccines. They are willing to work with you and will communicate with you through email or on the phone.

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5. Petzlover


  • Online service

Petzlover is an online service that helps connect people looking for cats with breeders. You can find any cat breed, including the Sphynx, and we found several while creating this list. It’s also likely the fastest way to get a kitten since only people with cats ready to go will advertise here. However, while this site can be helpful, you will need to be more careful because it will put you in contact with people who are not necessarily breeders. Ordinary people may not have the proper certifications or knowledge to get the testing done to ensure a healthy kitten.

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6. Hoobly


  • Online service

Hoobly is another classified style website that can put you in contact with people that are looking to sell their Sphynx cat as well as any other breed. It can be a convenient and speedy way to purchase your cat but is not without problems. Like the previous entry on our list, the people selling the kittens are not always breeders, and their lack of experience can result in a lower quality cat than you might get from a breeder. You will also need to make sure you get the proper registration and pedigree papers to go with your cat before making a purchase.

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Tips For Picking Up Your Cat

Cat Carrier

cat sits in a carrier_alenka2194_shutterstock
Image Credit: alenka2194, Shutterstock

When you to pick up your new kitten, you will need to transport it in a cat carrier. We recommend getting the largest carrier you can afford and fit into your car. Larger carriers are more versatile and will still be suitable when your cat is fully grown. You can also place a small travel litter box inside for the long journey back to your home.

Small Litterbox

We recommend creating a DIY litterbox out of an appropriately sized cardboard box. You can trim it to fit and add a small amount of litter to help prevent accidents from occurring on your way home. Nervous and scared cats are more likely to have an accident, so the litter box will provide your kitten with a place to go and might make it more comfortable on the journey back to your house.


We recommend bringing at least two towels with you, one to place inside the carrier and another to drape over it. We like to bring several towels because many cats like to dig and hide when they are scared and adding a few bunched-up towels to the carrier will allow them to do so, which can make the trip home a lot easier. Draping the towel over the top can also help your kitten feel more secure, and it will also help keep it warmer.

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The Sphynx is a unique cat that’s also quite friendly, so it makes a great pet. However, Pennsylvania experiences long winters, so we recommend purchasing a heating pad to help them stay warm and prevent them from getting burned on radiators and heaters. If you live in the Keystone state, our list should help you find a breeder within driving distance of you, and as the popularity of these kittens continues to rise, more breeders will become available, and the price will come down.

We hope you have enjoyed reading over this list and found one in your area. If we have helped you get your next pet, please share this guide to Pennsylvania Sphynx breeders on Facebook and Twitter.

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Featured Image Credit: David Tadevosian, Shutterstock