Dementia in Cats: Signs and Treatments (Vet Answer)

cat lying on a bench_yarmrtsnk, Shutterstock

Advances in veterinary medicine over the last few decades means that our cats are living longer than ever. Sadly, however, it also means that veterinarians are seeing more and more cats with diseases of “old age,” where various parts of the body stop working as well as they used to. This can include the joints … Read more

Can Cats Overdose on Catnip? Our Vet Answers

cat eating catnip

  There is nothing quite like the amazing reaction many cats have with catnip. While individual cats’ responses to it can vary greatly, most cats will lick, rub, roll, vocalize, and become very hyperactive while playing with it! It really can make cats crazy! The effects are only short-lived, up to half an hour or … Read more

Cat Hiccups: Why They Happen, And What to Do About Them (Vet Answers)

cat burping

  In this article we’ll cover why cats hiccup, what it sounds like, and how to stop a cat from hiccupping. Is it normal for cats and kittens to hiccup? In short, yes! Just like their human counterparts, cats can get bouts of hiccups for a variety of reasons, and it is usually a normal … Read more

Your Cat Has a Swollen Lip? Here’s Why, & How to Act (Vet Answer)

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  Cats and dogs have lips just like humans do, although they are usually smaller and less easy to see! Cats also may not let you look at them very closely! Lips are part of what is called a “muco-cutaneous junction.” This means they are the border between normal outside skin and the special skin … Read more

Can Humans Get Tapeworms From Cats? (Our Vet Answers)

savannah cat standing by the window

  Many studies show the benefits of owning cats, but they can come with a few risks, too. There are certain illnesses (called “zoonoses”) that humans can unwittingly catch from their cats. Some of these infections are more well-known, such as “cat-scratch disease” or toxoplasmosis, but there are also certain worms that cats can pass … Read more

Cat Mange and Scabies: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments (Vet Answer)

Grey cat with mange

All pet parents are familiar with the common parasites, fleas, and ticks that can affect our four-legged friends. And we regularly prevent these with various medicines. But there are in fact a whole range of nasty little bugs that can attach themselves to your pet, so what do you do if your pet is itching … Read more

How Do I Get My Cat to Gain Weight? (Vet Answer)

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Monitoring your cat’s weight is a great way to get some hints about how well they are eating and if their overall health is on track. Kittens should steadily gain weight until the reach adulthood, after which their bodyweight should be maintained. If you notice your cat losing weight, you are right to be concerned. … Read more

How to Help a Cat Lose Weight (Vet Answer)

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Are you finding that your cat is having trouble getting through her cat flap? Well, she’s not the only one! It is estimated that over 50% of adult cats are overweight. Obesity has been linked to many serious clinical diseases including diabetes and osteoarthritis. What’s more, carrying extra bodyweight has been found to shorten lifespan, … Read more

Rabies in Cats: Signs, Symptoms & What to Do (Vet Answers)

aggressive cat in a cage

  What is rabies? Rabies is a severe, usually deadly disease caused by the rabies virus (Rabies Lyssavirus). It is present throughout the world and can affect all mammals. Unfortunately, this means humans as well as our domestic pets. Animals and people usually become infected via a bite or scratch from a rabid animal. How … Read more

Kennel Cough in Cats: Symptoms, Treatment, Causes & Diagnosis

cat cough

If you’ve noticed your cat coughing and sneezing, almost like they’ve got a cold, there’s a chance they could have kennel cough. Most pet parents are familiar with the highly infectious kennel cough symptoms affecting dogs, but it can affect cats too, although it’s very rare. Just like in dogs, cat kennel cough is an … Read more