My Cat’s Nose is Dry: Is This Normal? (Vet Answer)

cat nose-pixabay

We all love it when our cats show us affection, especially when they nudge your hand with their noses or give you a little head bump. You may have noticed when they nuzzle you that their nose feels dry or wet. Have you ever wondered what this means about your cat’s health? Well, contrary to … Read more

Why Is My Cat So Small? Should I Worry? (Vet Answers)

kittens sleeping

Who doesn’t love a kitten? A kitty will never be as small and energetic as they are in those first months of life. Some might wish that their kitten would remain as that tiny and playful ball of fluff, but a healthy cat will grow quite a bit during their first year. If you find … Read more

Runny, Watery Eyes in Cats: Causes and Treatments (Vet Answer)

cat watery eyes_osobystist, Shutterstock

Your cat’s eyes are not only pretty but also amazingly complex. Unfortunately, they can be fragile too and need to be taken care of. So, if your cat has runny or watery eyes, you shouldn’t ignore them. Why? Because runny eyes can be the first sign that your cat has an eye problem, and you … Read more

Why Is My Cat Always Hungry But Still Skinny? (Vet Answers)

Skinny cat

You know that something strange is going on with your cat, he appears to be skinny and may even be losing weight, yet his appetite has never been better! What could be causing this, and do you need to worry? This article explores some of the common reasons this could be occurring, and what you … Read more

Why is My Cat Drinking So Much Water? Should I Worry? (Vet Answer)

kitten drinking water_AleksandarMilutinovic, Shutterstock

One of the best ways you can love your feline friend is simply to watch them: watch what “normal” looks like, watch what they eat, when they drink, how they move, whether they come to you demanding a fuss or keep to themselves. Most of all, note any change. Change may be the warning sign … Read more

11 Ways to Make a Constipated Kitten Poop (Our Vet Answers)

Cat poops_Stefano Garau, Shutterstock

If you’ve realized that it’s been a few days since you last cleaned out your kitten’s litter tray, they might be suffering from a touch of constipation. As well as being uncomfortable for your kitten, constipation can cause more serious issues if you don’t treat it right away. Don’t worry, though — this article will … Read more

How to Introduce a Cat to Another Aggressive Cat – Our Vet Answers

aggressive cat 2

If you are thinking about adding another feline (or even a third feline) to your household, it is never clear how the two little beasts are going to get along. If one is more aggressive than the other, you will have to find some common middle ground where they both feel comfortable—if you want to … Read more