Roundworms in Cats: Causes, Signs & Care (Vet Answer)

peaceful happy calico short hair cat with white stomach sleeping ground surface carpet

We occupy the planet with all sorts of creatures, and whilst we don’t particularly like to think about it, worms appear to believe that our pets (and even us!) make comfortable and nourishing homes in which they can thrive. However, unfortunately, this belief isn’t reciprocated by their hosts, and worms can have deleterious consequences for … Read more

Burmese vs Bombay Cat: How Are They Different?

Burmese vs Bombay Cat

When you are looking to bring a new furry family member into the home, it is essential to research different breeds to understand more about their looks, personality, traits, and care needs before making a final commitment. Knowing the differences between breeds will ultimately help you decide which is more suitable for your household. The … Read more