Cat Peeing Over the Edge of the Litter Box? Reasons & 7 Solutions

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Cats have a particular set of toilet habits that they absolutely must keep up. If they are put off at all, it might irritate them and make more of a mess for you to clean. There are all kinds of poor behaviors that can manifest from an unhappy kitty, and one of them can be … Read more

Cat Peeing in Front of the Litter Box? 13 Solutions to Try!

cat near litter tray indoors

Discovering a little puddle of cat pee in front of the litter box can be frustrating, but your cat is not doing this on purpose! When we dig deeper into the reasons that cats pee in front of, instead of in, their litter boxes, they can be split into two categories: medical and behavioral. It’s … Read more

25 Alternative Uses for Cat Litter – 25 Genius DIY Ideas

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It may never have occurred to you to use cat litter for anything other than its intended purpose. For one thing, it’s already really good at its intended purpose. For another, it’s kind of hard to associate it with anything other than that purpose. As it turns out, however, there are quite a few other … Read more

6 Best Designer Cat Litter Box Brands of 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

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There are dozens of litter boxes for you to choose from on the market. There is a broad range for you to choose from very inexpensive options to designer litter boxes. Even if you want a designer cat litter box, there are still dozens you can choose from. While designer cat litter boxes may not … Read more

Clumping vs Non-Clumping Cat Litter: What’s Better?

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Cat litter should be comfortable and safe for your cat to use, easily cover up their poop and pee, and do a good job of masking unpleasant aromas. When choosing a litter, one of the basic choices you have is whether to opt for clumping or non-clumping cat litter. On the one hand, clumping litter … Read more