Kidney Failure in Cats: Vet-Reviewed Facts & When to Euthanize

the cat is lying on the bed, the hands of the hostess are stroking her

Most of us wish our pets could live forever, but unfortunately, we dream the impossible dream. While no pet owner wants to face saying goodbye to their animal, many will have to decide when to euthanize a pet. This decision is never easy, but it can be especially tough if your cat suffers from a … Read more

Congestive Heart Failure in Cats: Vet-Reviewed Facts & When to Euthanize

vet giving injection to cat

Being a cat parent comes with many ups and a few unfortunate downs. We do our best to take care of our cats so they can live long and healthy lives, but health conditions can creep up when we least expect them. Congestive heart failure tends to affect senior cats more commonly than younger cats. … Read more

5 Reason Why Your Cat Isn’t Drinking Water: Facts, Remedies & FAQ

bengal cat playing water in the bowl

Ancestors of our domestic feline didn’t need to drink much water just to stay hydrated. Wildcats obtained much of their hydration needs from the prey they consumed. Obviously, our cats no longer rely on hunting skills alone to keep them nourished correctly. But, as it goes, most cats don’t drink nearly enough for their daily … Read more

Cat Drinking a Lot of Water & Meowing? Vet-Reviewed Advice & When To Worry

cat drinking water from fountain

If your cat is making more noise than they usually do and constantly visiting the water bowl, it might be a sign that something could be wrong. They could be experiencing a wide array of health concerns, or it could be something completely benign. It’s a lot to sift through, which is why we came … Read more

How to Care for a Cat While Working Full-Time: 7 Simple Tips

ginger cat and woman in bed with laptop

Cats are popular pets for a lot of reasons, but partly due to their independence. As long as they have food, water, and a clean litter box, cats will entertain themselves until you’re around for playtime and snuggling. This helps when you have a full-time job that takes you out of the house for eight … Read more

Can My Cat Wear a Harness All the Time? 5 Risks & Safety Tips

cat wearing red harness

Who says you can’t walk a cat? Admittedly, not all felines are willing to be harnessed and leashed to go outside with you for a nice walk, but many do enjoy the activity. Getting a harness on and off a cat can be a challenging experience, though. Our kitties aren’t always fans of the process! … Read more

How Much Does a UK Pet Passport Cost in 2023? Requirements & Breakdown

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If you’re planning a trip abroad and bringing your pets, you must ensure you have all your documents in order. Between 2000 and 2020, if you were planning to travel through Europe and Northern Ireland with a dog, cat, or ferret, you could purchase a “pet passport.” However, pet passports are now no longer required … Read more

How to Get a UK Pet Passport in 2023: An Expert Guide

cat sitting on a suitcase ready to travel

A pet passport was used in the United Kingdom to easily travel with your pets through Europe. However, since 2021, when the UK left the European Union (EU), pet passports have been replaced with the Animal Health Certificate (AHC). The AHC can be a little more expensive and trickier than the pet passport, but completing … Read more

How to Shave a Cat’s Bum: 6 Vet-Reviewed Steps

cat being groomed and shaved at a salon

If you’re starting to notice an unpleasant odor following your cat, and if you’re starting to see unpleasant remnants in their nether regions, it might be time for a sanitary trim. It’s not a fun process for anyone, but when your cat needs it, you have to do what’s best for them. With that in … Read more

I Found Blood in My Cat’s Urine: Vet Reviewed Causes, Treatment & Care

Ginger cat in a litter box

Cat urine is normally pale yellow with a strong ammonia-like odor, but some conditions, including urinary tract infections and urethral obstructions, can cause cats to have bloody urine and difficulty peeing. Hematuria is the medical term for the condition.1   Blood in your cat’s urine is almost always a sign that something is going on … Read more