Distemper Vaccine for Cats: A Complete Guide (Vet Answer)

Veterinarian at vet clinic giving injection to cat

Distemper in cats is also known as feline infectious enteritis, feline parvovirus, and feline panleukopenia, and is caused by a virus of the same name. Distemper most commonly impacts cats that haven’t had their full vaccine series. This often means kittens less than six months of age, though adult cats or senior cats with a … Read more

Can I Toilet Train My Cat, or Is It a Bad Idea? (Vet Approved)

Orange cat trained to use the toilet

What cat parent wouldn’t love the idea of ridding their home of an annoying, sometimes smelly, litter box? Not worrying about cleaning, scooping, and disposing of kitty waste, along with the absence of kitty litter cost may seem like a dream come true, but is it really? If you truly love cats, you’ve most likely … Read more