Silver Bengal Cat

Silver Bengal sitting on the couch

Silver Bengal cats are a type of Bengal cat with silver markings. These markings were introduced into some lines of the Bengal through interbreeding with American Shorthairs. They act much like Bengal cats, but they have silver tabby markings. Because of their unique coat, these cats are rare and extremely expensive. Much of their history … Read more

How Do Vets Spay Cats – Typical Procedure (Vet Answer)

cat spaying procedure

Ovariohysterectomy, or spay, is the surgical removal of a female cats’ ovaries and uterus. It is a surgical procedure that requires general anesthesia. This means that your cat isn’t just sedated but completely asleep. It is recommended to spay not only your own cat, but there are also numerous organizations that are helping to spay … Read more

Why Is My Cat Suddenly Lethargic and Weak? 12 Possible Reasons

Sick cat medicines

Cats don’t always make it obvious that they aren’t feeling well. They are notorious for concealing their symptoms until the health condition has progressed to point of them being unable to hide it. It’s hard to tell that a cat is sick until it becomes very obvious, and by then, sometimes it’s too late to … Read more

How to Tell if Your Cat is Having a Seizure — 3 Signs to Look For

tabby cat lying on the floor

Why Do Cats Have Seizures and Other Background Information Seizures are relatively common in cats. From 1–2% of cats suffer from a disorder that causes seizures. If you’ve seen your cat drooling, thrashing around, or having difficulty controlling its movements, you might wonder if your feline friend has been having seizures. Watching anyone you love, … Read more

Why Is My Cat’s Meow Is Weak and Raspy — 6 Most Common Causes

Abyssinian cat meowing

A weak or raspy meow coming out of your cat can be alarming. If you notice that your cat’s meow is sounding different, this may be due to a serious medical issue. While some reasons for the raspy meow may not be serious and the issue will clear up on its own, other times, you’ll … Read more

Why Is My Cat Suddenly Walking Like They’re Drunk? 10 Possible Reasons

red tabby cat in pain walking on grass outdoor

It’s a question that concerned cat owners may find themselves asking — why does my cat walk like they’re drunk? There are many possible reasons for this, and in this blog post, we will discuss some of them. Cats can become unsteady on their feet for a variety of reasons, including age, injury, or illness. … Read more

Why Does My Cat Keep Shaking Their Head? 8 Possible Reasons

ragdoll lying on the floor

If you’ve noticed your cat shaking its head more than usual recently, it could be caused by several factors. It could be something really simple, like a scratch, that you can treat at home, or it might be something more serious, like an infection that will require a trip to the vet. It’s easy to … Read more

Why Does My Cat Keep Going to Their Litterbox (But Nothing Happens)?

orange cat beside litter box

Over 37% or 45.3 million of the 122,354,219 households in the United States have invited a cat into their homes. About 63% keep their pets indoors exclusively. That’s a good thing, too, since it gives owners a heads-up if something is wrong, such as unusual litterbox behaviors. Cats are creatures of habit. They also have … Read more

How Do Vets Deworm Cats – Typical Procedure (Vet Answer)

vet deworming cat

Over the last few years, “animal dewormer” has frequently been in the news—and not for use in your beloved pets. As veterinarians, we approach intestinal parasites from a preventative standpoint, and also a treatment standpoint after infection has been established. But what does that mean for your cat? How can you help prevent intestinal parasites … Read more

How Do Vets Neuter Cats – Typical Procedure (Vet Answer)

hands of veterinarian with gloves neutering the cat

Congratulations! You just adopted your first boy cat. Maybe it’s a small kitten you found outside. Maybe it’s an older cat that’s been in the shelter for years. You may have heard of getting your cat neutered but don’t quite understand the procedure. Keep reading for reasons why we recommend neutering your cat, in addition … Read more