Why Do Cats Like Salt? 3 Vet-Reviewed Reasons

Food sea salt of a coarse grinding and grey cat on the table

There’s nothing quite as tasty as a handful of salty nuts or a bowl of potato chips. But unfortunately, your cat might agree and try to snatch chips right out of your hand. As strange as it may sound that your obligate carnivore, protein-loving cat might try swiping your salty snack, it does happen! What’s … Read more

Thiamine Deficiency in Cats: 9 Signs to Look For (Vet Answer)

tired sick cat lying on bed

Thiamine deficiency, or vitamin B1 deficiency, is a clinical syndrome associated with vascular lesions and nerve damage caused by an insufficient concentration of this vitamin in a cat’s body. This deficit is due to insufficient intake of vitamin B1 (part of the B complex group) in relation to the body’s requirements. It is predominant in … Read more

How Do Cat Eyes Work? Vet Reviewed Facts & FAQ

portrait of black cat with beautiful green eyes

If you’re wondering why your cat has such an air of self-importance and superiority about them, it might be because their senses are so powerful and complex that they consider us mere humans simply inferior—and rightly so! Did you know that cats can smell 14 times better than we humans can? Or that they can … Read more

Trazadone for Cats (Vet Answer): Uses, Side Effects & FAQ

Woman at home holding her lovely Devon Rex cat on lap and gives it a pill

Trazadone is a human antidepressant that is used off-label in cats to manage short-term events of high anxiety. In cats, Trazadone can help them be less stressed out by events that might be scary or disturbing.  Times when Trazadone might be helpful include a veterinary visit, when traveling or moving, during thunderstorms, during construction or … Read more

Cat Spinal Injury — Signs and Diagnosis (Vet Answer)

cat who suffered a spinal injury

If your cat’s head is tilted awkwardly backward, their limbs are stiff or weak, or they seem paralyzed, they likely have a health condition at the level of the spine. Spinal cord injury in cats is called spinal trauma and can be caused by spinal fractures or tumors or be the result of a disease … Read more

Kidney Disease in Cats — Causes, Signs & Care (Vet Answer)

vet holding burma cat

Your cat’s two kidneys perform many vital functions in maintaining your pet’s health. They help eliminate toxins from the bloodstream (because they filtrate blood) and maintain water, electrolyte balance, acid-base balance, and blood pressure at normal values. They also regulate circulation and produce hormones (vitamin D, renin, and erythropoietin). When the kidneys stop working properly, … Read more

FIV in Cats (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus): Causes, Signs & Care (Vet Answer)

sick stray senior cat

Similar to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), feline immunodeficiency virus, or FIV, attacks the immune system to a point that it cannot fight off common infections. Once a cat becomes infected with FIV, their immune system gradually weakens, decreasing its strength against secondary and opportunistic infections. This results in the rapid proliferation of the organism and … Read more

Why Are My Cat’s Paws Peeling? (Vet Answer)

cat's paw pads peeling

It can be easy to overlook your cat’s paws, especially if he or she doesn’t like you touching that area. However, cats’ paws act as their hands and feet, so they serve a number of important functions. Running, jumping, climbing, feeling, grasping toys—all of these activities depend on the paws being healthy! Additionally, the paws … Read more

Retinal Detachment in Cats: Causes, Signs, and Care (Vet Answer)

tuxedo domestic shorthair cat with large dilated pupils

As a pet owner, having your cat diagnosed with retinal detachment can be overwhelming. It can happen quickly, with few (if any) warning signs, and the consequences—looking after a potentially blind or visually impaired cat—can be drastic. Thankfully, if retinal detachment is caught early enough, vision can be restored, meaning your cat can see again, … Read more

Will Cat Fur Grow Back Over Scar Tissue? (Vet Reviewed Facts & FAQs)

stray cat with scars

If your cat has recently gotten injured or had surgery, you may be wondering whether their fur will grow back in the injured area after it heals. The answer is that yes, in some cases cat fur can grow back over scar tissue, though the process may be slower and less successful than normal hair … Read more