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The Outdoor Bengal Cat Harness & Leash 2023 Review: Our Expert’s Opinion

Our Final Verdict

We give the Outdoor Bengal Cat Harness & Leash a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 4.5/5
Strength: 4.5/5
Comfort: 4.9/5
Value: 4.8/5
Safety: 5/5

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What Is the Outdoor Bengal Cat Harness?

a white cat with the outdoor bengal cat harness and leash in their packaging

As a cat lover, I enjoy treating my kitties to the great outdoors. Eating grass, sniffing bushes, and rolling in the dirt are luxuries that cozy indoor life lacks. Who wants to stay cooped up inside all day?

That’s where cat gear comes in handy. I’ve tried cat harnesses and leashes, but they were meh at best. I was eager to try the Outdoor Bengal leash because the slender harness and durable leash differed from what my cats used. Plus, this brand is all about adventure.

The owner, Albert, adopted his Bengal Mia in 2020, and they’ve been adventuring all over the US ever since. He creates online tutorials and products to help owners and pets get out of the house. In his words, “…cats and humans aren’t meant to be locked indoors.”

I couldn’t agree more. Buying a harness and leash is easy—head to the website, place your order, and wait for the goods to arrive. My package arrived swiftly, and I’m here to tell you how our journey went using the harness and leash.

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What to Expect from the Outdoor Bengal Cat

The package arrived perfectly intact on my doorstep. It was small and lightweight, with two small boxes inside. I was delighted to find a bouncy ball in each of our boxes. Our cats had a hay day with those!

I examined the leash and harness to ensure nothing was severed, broken, or torn. All items appeared in tip-top shape. There was even a friendly note from the owner, Albert. What a nice touch.  Now, it’s time for us to set out on an adventure!

outdoor bengal cat products packaging

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The Outdoor Bengal Cat Harness and Leash Contents

Harness type: Back-Clip
Harness width: 11–20 inches
Material: Nylon
Leash length: 6 feet
Leash type: Standard Flat Lead
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My cats were already used to a leash, so training was a cinch. The harness was a different story, however.

Strudel, my white cat, free-ranges outside occasionally, so she had to get used to a harness. After placing the harness on her, she walked a couple of feet and then rolled around. I could tell the harness wasn’t her favorite. But she loved being outside, so she put up with it.

My black male cat, Lucy, didn’t mind the harness. He freaked out when I put the harness over his head, but once I was done, he didn’t care. He just wanted to go outside.

This step will take longer if you’ve never trained your cat to wear a harness, as each cat is different. The Outdoor Bengal provides training videos on its website and social media to help prep you and your cat for outdoor adventure.

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Material: Quality and Strength

This is the area where the harness could improve. The mesh material that rests against your cat’s chest doesn’t feel durable. I know it’s like this so your cat can move around freely, but I do worry that it could rip.

However, Lucy decided to put the harness to the test when a stranger walked past us. He pulled and tugged on the leash, trying to escape to a nearby bush. I didn’t have any issues with the mesh ripping or tearing. The rest of the harness and leash held together just fine. Still, I think a slightly thicker mesh material couldn’t hurt.

black cat wearing outdoor bengal cat harness and leash

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Safety Features

When Lucy pulled against the leash, he allowed us to test if this harness indeed was escape-proof. As a disclaimer, no harness is 100% escape-proof. There’s always a risk with any harness. A snug, properly fitting harness is the best way to avoid a fearful cat escaping the harness. And that’s what Outdoor Bengal promises.

The clip on the back of the harness (closest to the cat’s neck) allows you to easily adjust the fit without removing the harness. Lucy’s harness wasn’t as snug as it could be, so after changing the fit, Lucy no longer risked escape. I loved how straightforward it was to make adjustments while my cat continued it with fun—a benefit in our book!

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Comfort and Fun

My cats have tried awkwardly bulky harnesses, but this harness allowed my cats better movement and flexibility. It’s a big reason they adjusted well to the harness.

The clip that connects the leash and harness differs from other harnesses. Instead of directly attaching to the harness, the clip extends about 10 inches, like another leash (the length will vary depending on your cat’s size).

I loved this feature for a few reasons:

  1. It gives extra length to the leash for extra fun.
  2. It’s an important safety feature. When Lucy pulled on the leash, the force was more symmetrical and didn’t pull on my cat’s harness as much. The weight seemed better distributed.
  3. Adjusting the harness was simple, and I could tell this leash could easily fit a larger cat based on how much length was left in the connector.
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One Harness Color

Sadly, we can only enjoy one color: black. This isn’t a big deal, but wouldn’t it be fun to enjoy various colors? We can only hope that that’s something in the works!

a white cat wearing the outdoor bengal cat harness and leash

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New Friendships

Walking my cats has allowed me to interact with people I usually wouldn’t speak to. When that stranger walked past Lucy and me, he stopped and asked, “Is that a cat on a leash?”

I live in a neighborhood where free-ranging cats are normal. Cat leashes aren’t ordinary. Turns out, this man was a new neighbor I hadn’t met yet. My other neighbors chatted with us about the leash and harness, too.

I appreciated the new friendships and conversations we experienced. Our neighbors even allowed my cat to sniff their bushes and eat grass. How polite!

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I was hesitant about the price of the harness and leash because the chest mesh appeared flimsy on the harness. I wasn’t sure if the harness would hold up against my cat’s pulling and tugging.

After my cats used the harness, I realized how much better it was than our old one, so the price no longer bothered me. I also didn’t have any issues with the leash. To clarify, I’m discussing the standard black flat lead leash.


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In Summary

  • Slender fit
  • Easily adjustable
  • Escape proof
  • Harness provides extra leash length
  • Chest mesh feels insecure

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Is the Outdoor Bengal Cat Harness and Leash a Good Value?

The Outdoor Bengal harness and leash are great purchases. I love that the owner has first-hand experience with traveling with a cat. He understands cat behavior, which is a win in my book.

The harness and leash are too pricey, either. You could find a cheaper alternative, but this harness is so easy to use. It’s lightweight, easily adjustable, and durable. You can tell the owner cleverly designed the harness based on previous experience with other harnesses.

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Is a harness better for a cat than a collar?

Cat harnesses are safer than traditional collars, specifically with walking your cats. Harnesses offer better protection with an escape-proof design and choke-free resistance versus a conventional collar.

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Should I take my cat on walks?

Walks are excellent exercise and mental stimulation for cats. They’re also a great way to build a relationship with your cat. Your cat will nag you for a walk after the first one every day, though.

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Is walking your cat safe?

There is a risk to walking your cat because you’re exposing it to allergens and loose animals. Your cat may try door bolting as well. But generally speaking, your cat won’t be in any imminent danger when you walk it. Pay attention to your surroundings.

a black cat wearing the outdoor bengal cat harness and leash

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Our Experience With the Outdoor Bengal Cat Harness

I immediately put the old harness and leash in the giveaway pile. The Outdoor Bengal harness and leash get an A+ from us.

I love that the leash is unobtrusive. Training a cat to use a harness is tough when the harness is bulky. We didn’t have to worry about that, though, as our adventures started instantaneously.

If I need to make adjustments, I can do so quickly and efficiently with the passing ring. It’s a quick push-and-pull adjustment. I also loved how the connector adds extra length to the leash. It’s a feature I didn’t realize my cat needed until we had it.

My only concern is the chest mesh. It hasn’t proved an issue yet, but time will tell. Overall, this leash and harness get four paws up from us!

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So, is the leash and harness worth it? I think so. My cats had no trouble wearing the harness, and I had no issues using it, either. When trouble reared its ugly face, the leash proved to live up to its standards.

Cats of all sizes can enjoy the harness, and I’m happy to report that my cats still use the harness and leash. Thankfully, we’ve had no issues!