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9 Types of Rex Cat Breeds (With Pictures)

There are tons of exceptional cat breeds that offer magnificent coats, colors, and patterns. Rex cats are nothing short of the mark. Rex variations are covered in waves and curls—some even have whimsical, twisty whiskers to match. Each breed has its own characteristics that set them apart from the rest.

You might not know that there are nine types of Rex cat breeds, and many more than never made the final cut. Let’s take a peek at the exciting looks each Rex-style cat has to offer.

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About the Rex Mutation

The Rex mutation is a variable that exists in mammals, which creates lovely, plush curls and waves. Cats are just one of the several animals that have this coat structure. You can also see Rex coats showing up in rabbits, rats, horses, and even dogs!

Genetically, Rex coats can produce several colors, textures, and curl types. Some coats are dense, while others are light. Some are incredibly kinky, while others sport gentle waves. And they can have any coat length from partially hairless and short to long and heavy.

Only specific Rex mutations have recognition from cat associations. Many Rex cat breeders have taken their spin on the Rex coats, trying to create different styles and temperaments. Some of them are now extinct, never growing past a certain point, while others are being developed now.

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The 9 Types of Rex Cat Breeds

1. Cornish Rex

oregon rex cat
Image Credit: Veera, Shutterstock

The Cornish Rex comes from Cornwall in England. This kitty does not have fur, but instead, they are covered in down. Down is essentially just the undercoat and nothing more. The texture is incredibly soft, plush, and thin.

These cats have lanky bodies with small, narrow heads. Their coat appearance is wavy and light, coming in several beautiful shades and patterns. Despite their thin layer of down, the Cornish Rex is not hypoallergenic.

These cats benefit from vigorous exercise, being nimble and fast-paced. They tend to bond well with their people but might only take to one person.

A Cornish Rex costs anywhere between $150 to $1,300.

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2. Devon Rex

Devon Rex
Image Credit: Grisha Bruev, Shutterstock

The Devon Rex has a very distinguishable appearance with oversized ears and slender bodies. Their fur consists of short, tight waves that flow evenly along their skin in horizontal lines.

Because of their ear shape and pointed facial structure, they are often compared to elves. Their whiskers and fur are very fragile, breaking off if they are groomed too much. An upside to that is they require minimal brushing.

Devon Rexes tend to be jumpers and climbers. They are very energetic and peppy, with personalities that reflect their dynamic nature. They can also be apt to learn many tricks, but they’re headstrong, too—so it’s mostly on their terms.

A Devon Rex costs between $150 to $1,000.

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3. German Rex

German Rex
Image Credit: Prasanna photography, Shutterstock

The rare German Rex is a lovely petite cat with short, luscious curls. The fur is incredibly soft, often described as plush and silky. Their whiskers curl, too, making them even more adorable.

The German Rex is dainty but agile. They are very athletically capable, structurally sound, and muscular—even if their overall shape is sleek and thin.

These cats are very attention-seeking and absolutely love spending time with their humans. However, they are tough to come by, even in their homeland.

The price of a German Rex is hard to determine since they are so sparse.

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4. Selkirk Rex

selkirk rex
Image Credit: athree23, Pixabay

The stunning Selkirk Rex is a heavy-boned cat with an ultra-plush curly-haired coat. You can have both straight and curly kittens in one litter, but the curly fur is the dominant gene.

Not only are their coats kinky, but so are their whiskers! These cats are very sturdy and healthy—coming in all sorts of colors and patterns. Their fur can be short or long, depending on the kitten.

These cats are very gentle, loving personalities. They are typically very agreeable and social, even with strangers. Their character helps them live up to their teddy bear-like appearance.

A Selkirk Rex cat costs between $100 to $1,500.

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5. Tasman Manx

The Tasman Manx is undoubtedly an interesting breed. Coming with both short and long hair, the Tasman has curly hair with stubbed or no tails.

While this breed is partially related to Cornish and Devon Rex cats, they are unique with genes all of their own. Their genetics are more closely related to the Manx, giving their coats a frizzly, coarse tone.

These cats aren’t shy and are always willing to play, but are generally quiet. Their frisky ways and social personalities make them highly compatible with busy families of all ages.

A Tasman Manx costs between $150 to $800.

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6. LaPerm

LaPerm tri-colored cat
Image Credit: Linn Currie, Shutterstock

The LaPerm cat is a small to medium-sized Rex-style cat. Their fur has an overall loose waviness with super tight curls on the underbelly and leg fringes.

Despite their frilly curls, their coats are easy to maintain. They don’t seem to tangle or mat, even without regular brushing.

LaPerms are clever and often mischievous, but always entertaining. These cats are fiercely independent, making excellent hunters and playmates. But they also make very affectionate companions to their chosen humans.

The LaPerm costs between $150 and $600.

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7. Skookum

Skookum on a couch
Image: Linn Currie, Shutterstock

The adorable Skookum has beautiful curls, but that’s not the only admirable quality. These cats are also a munchkin breed, meaning they have short, stubby legs. They’re referred to as the Shirley Temple of cats.

This petite feline is considered a hybrid dwarf cat, and they are quite rare. The result came from a standard Munchkin cat and LaPerm.

Because of their sweet, docile disposition, they make excellent companions for virtually any household. They are typically extra-loving and cuddly, making them compatible with kids, seniors, and other pets.

A Skookum costs around $2,000.

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8. Ural Rex

The Ural Rex might be one of the rarest recognized Rex breeds in the kitty world. These cats were named after the Ural mountains in Russia—designed by breeder Bjoern Jaenicke. The Ural has two coat lengths—short and medium—which are richly dense and tightly curled.

The Ural Rex has slightly bulgy eyes, giving them an innocent, friendly look. Though this cat is muscular and agile, they’re light on their feet and elegantly built. While still developing, this cat breed is only recognized by the World Cat Federation.

Little is known about the Ural Rex since the breed is still so scarce and relatively new. But they are said to be alert, active, and playful—fitting in well with families of all sizes.

Their price range is still being determined since Rex cat breeders are still working diligently to multiply the number of the Ural Rex.

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9. Oregon Rex

The Oregon Rex, as its name implies, came from the state of Oregon in 1955—but is no more. These cats had short, silky coats of tight curls and frills. Their heads have a wedge shape with longer nasal bridges, making their facial shape attractive.

While there may be some Oregon Rex’s running around, these cats are technically extinct. Their breeding wasn’t desirable enough to continue the breed through cat associations.

That may be because these cats were a bit particular and hard to handle, with highly headstrong personalities. Aside from their somewhat finicky tendencies, they were rumored to be loving and affectionate toward owners.

The Oregon Rex is one of the only domesticated cats known to have gone extinct.

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Rex Cat Breeds: Final Thoughts

It’s always such a fascinating thing to see the drastic visual differences between cats. The Rex mutation is definitely one of the most distinctive of all. With so many varieties in both coat and personality, there is absolutely one Rex breed that would fit into your lifestyle.

Now that you know more about each individual cat breed, has it sparked you to go on the kitten search? If so, remember to look for a reputable breeder above all to ensure your new family member’s optimal health.

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