Dr. Katie Avelar (DVM)


  • DVM from Cornell University
  • Mineola Animal Hospital, Mineola, NY
  • 3+ years as a licensed veterinarian


Dr. Katie Avelar graduated from Cornell University with a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and has USDA APHIS accreditation.


Dr. Avelar decided to pursue veterinary medicine in college. Her decision came on the heels of a life changing case. As a student, she worked at a local vet and was part of the medical team that admitted a completely paralyzed 8 week old abandoned kitten. After months of hospitalization, the kitten walked, ran, leaped and jumped out of the hospital and into a happy home.  After being part of that case, she filled out her veterinary school applications, and opened each with the line “Cats are one of the most resilient animals on the planet, and i don’t want to spend a single day without one."

Her special interests include feline and canine medicine and behavior.


Dr. Avelar loves spending time outdoors. On her days off, she can usually be found at the beach - but during the winter months, she enjoys hiking, knitting, and eating at local bakeries.

Dr. Katie Avelar veterinarian

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