Dr. Paola Cuevas, Veterinarian

Dr. Paola Cuevas (MZV), Behaviorist


  • MVZ from Universidad de Guadalajara
  • In-house Veterinarian at Pangolia
  • 11+ years as a licensed veterinarian
    18+ years experienced animal trainer
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Dr. Paola Cuevas graduated with honors from the Veterinary Medicine Faculty of Universidad de Guadalajara.
Dr. Cuevas has taken several courses and developed extensive practical experience with positive reinforcement animal training.


Dr. Cuevas grew up under the influence of her maternal grandfather who was an animal lover. He took her on rounds to pick up eggs, had her monitor newborn puppies, and taught her how to appreciate a cat’s climbing ability.

Dr. Cuevas started her professional animal career as an animal trainer in Mexico, where she learned the positive reinforcement training method and had the opportunity to work with a great variety of land and aquatic species.

Among her many achievements, Dr.Cuevas has developed innovative behavioral training plans and programs based on positive reinforcement. The International Marine Animal Training Association awarded one of the projects first place in the Research Advancements Category during their 2015 conference.

Dr. Cuevas’ skills and extensive experience in the fields of veterinary medicine and positive reinforcement animal training allow her to analyze animal cases from a unique, broad, and integrated perspective.