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15 Easy Ways To Make Your Cat Happy

Happier cats live longer and healthier lives. That’s why cat parents need to make sure to keep their little tigers as happy as possible.

But it’s not all that difficult. Cats are very easy to please and entertain. Not to mention, you’ll naturally be having a blast with them in many cases.

In this article, we’ll go over 15 awesome things that you can do to ensure your cat lives their best life!


The 15 best ways to make your cat happy are:

1. Visit the Veterinarian Regularly

vet doctor checking up the cat
Image Credit: Andrey_Kuzmin, Shutterstock

A healthy cat is a happy cat, and frequent checkups can help keep them in tiptop shape. However, some cat owners dread bringing their cat to the veterinarian. There are still many vets who don’t specialize in cats or see them at all.

Fortunately, you can always find a pet clinic nearby that does. And once you’ve located your kitten’s veterinarian, your worries will definitely be put to rest. Cat specialists understand the quirky nature of cats and know how to work around their unique temperaments.

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2. Provide a Healthy Diet

two kittens eating cat food_shutterstock_MaraZe
Image Credit By: MaraZe, shutterstock

This can be a little tricky because your cat’s dietary requirements are dependent on their developmental stage. When your furball is still just a kitten, you need to provide her with food that is recommended for her age. The same is true for adult and senior cats as well. Each stage has its own particular balance suited for a certain age group.

A good rule of thumb is to always get the best food you can for them. There are plenty of great cat food options available at every price point. Just ensure that your cat’s food has the proper balance of nutrients they need. Cats are obligate carnivores and require good sources of protein. So, make sure that whatever brand you’re purchasing isn’t full of fillers or grains. If you are not sure of the best food for your feline, ask your veterinarian for their recommendation.

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3. Chin Scratches

woman scratching cat's chin
Image Credit: Pixabay

Most cats love getting their chins scratched. And to be honest, we just love giving them scratches. With some cats, this can be more addictive than catnip — they won’t let you pass by without getting some loving!

It’s easy to know when your cat wants its chin scratched as well. Often, they’ll give you cute, little headbutts to signify they’re ready. Or you’ll feel them rubbing their head up against your arm or leg. But if you proactively scratch their chin before they ask, they’re sure to love you even more.

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4. Play Hide and Seek

Curious cat looking between door
Image Credit: Renata Apanaviciene, Shutterstock

While they can be extremely lazy, cats don’t spend their whole lives sleeping. They love to play games with their owners. And one of their absolute favorites is hide and seek. It invites them to be silly and funny which is just delightful for both of you!

Playing hide and seek with a cat may require a bit of nudging to get them started. One way to do it is to startle them playfully. This normally flips their switch into play mode. Afterward, just duck behind the nearest couch or around the corner.

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5. Brush Your Cat’s Fur

hand brushing a cat
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Brushing your cat’s fur isn’t just important for removing any grease, dirt, and fallen hair from its coat. It also improves their blood circulation, keeps their skin healthy, and most of all, it ensures their happiness.

Take note, however, that some cats don’t like being brushed at first. But if you train them to be groomed while they’re young, they’ll be much more receptive and learn to enjoy it.

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6. Nap Together

girl sleeping with cat
Image Credit: Pixabay

Another way of making your cat happy is to let them take a nap with you. Some cats are born cuddlers. And if they sense you are tired, your cat might find this to be a golden opportunity to snuggle.

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7. Go for a Walk

A woman with a cat on a leash walking along a path in the park
Image Credit: Nau Nau, Shutterstock

Dogs aren’t the only pets that like going for a stroll! Cats love to explore their surroundings and take in their environment. However, walking your cat might be a little different than walking your pooch.

Leash training a cat is somewhat more challenging than doing so with a dog. However, it’s not impossible. And once you conquered that hurdle, they’ll be ready to strut their stuff alongside you. Another option is to find a specialized pet carrier or stroller. This allows your pet to ride along without the possibility of them escaping and getting lost.

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8. Box Play

cats in cardboard playhouse
Image Credit: TheCats, Shutterstock

Cats like to go inside tiny spaces. And if they see a box that they think they can fit into, you can rest assured they will try to get inside it.

Cardboard boxes are among the greatest cat toys of all time. That’s because being in enclosed areas makes them feel safe and secure. They’re also a great place to hide or even take a nap!

And don’t be surprised if your cat claims a box even before you are finished with it. Some cats will spend hours on end inside of their new territory — only leaving to visit the litter box and eat.

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9. Cat Treat Scavenger Hunt

grey cat looking at treat_shutterstock_FotoMirta
Image Credit: FotoMirta, shutterstock

Hiding tasty treats around your house for your cat to find is another way of keeping your pet happy. Cats love to wander around and look for something that can entertain or amuse them. And if they happen to find a cat treat while doing it, they will feel even more excited and happy!

Try hiding the cat treats where you think your cat will roam around. Just make sure that whatever treats you’ve hidden have been found within a day or two.

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10. Get a Wand Toy

a cat playing with toys
Image Credit: winni-design, Shutterstock

Wand toys are very popular with cats. Generally, these toys are made of a long stick with a bunch of strings or feathers on one end. Wave the wand toy in front of your cat and watch them chase it around. Not only is this entertaining, but it also makes for great exercise!

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11. Catch the Little Red Dot

PetSafe Bolt Interactive Laser Cat Toy-FI

If you’re a cat owner, you’re definitely familiar with this game. Playing laser tag with a laser pointer can have a cat entertained and on guard for hours on end.

There is nothing more entertaining than watching your cat try to catch the laser light while running and jumping all over the house. Just make sure to point the laser in places where your cat won’t break anything!

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12. Share a Tuna Sandwich

tuna sandwich
Image Credit: Pixabay

There’s a weird fascination cats have with canned tuna. In fact, many of them grow to recognize the sound of a can being opened or just the sight of a can opener. And if you’re making a sandwich, you might find them incessantly rubbing on your legs just to get a nibble.

Fortunately, it’s OK to give them a little bit every now and then. But you need to make sure that the tuna you’re giving them is safe. It shouldn’t be mixed with anything at all. And you only want to give them tuna that has been packed in water or brine. Varieties packed in oil can be detrimental in large quantities.

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13. Play Soothing Music

Soothing sounds can calm even the most ferocious of beasts — including your little lion! Play some calming music while hanging out with your cat and watch them drift away to dreamland.

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14. Get Them a Comfy Bed

cat sleeping in a sofa
Image Credit: Pixabay

Some cat owners like to have their cats sleep with them on their beds. However, it’s best if you get your cat her own comfy bed to sleep in. This way, she has a place all of her own where she can retreat if she chooses.

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15. Adopt Another Kitty

two cats
Image Credit: Pixabay

If you think your cat is a little lonely and wouldn’t mind having a new buddy, think about adopting a kitten. Some cats are extremely social and love having a playmate — or partner in crime.

win a hepper cat bed

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Featured Image Credit: Pixabay