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What Cat Breed Is Crookshanks from Harry Potter? Movie Facts

Crookshanks is known as Hermione Granger’s pet cat, but what isn’t commonly known is what breed he is. In the movie, he is portrayed as a ginger, or red, tabby Persian cat.

He is a purebred, meaning he isn’t mixed with any other breeds. Though, it can be argued that due to the book description, he is actually a ginger Himalayan or Hansa Himalayan cat. However, the most popular answer is a Persian cat.

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Is Crookshanks Actually Lily Potter’s Cat?

Many theories make this quite probable, but the source material has never confirmed it. It’s believed due to a message that Harry Potter finds within Grimmauld Place in the book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

This message is from Lily Potter, Harry Potter’s mother, to Sirius Black. She thanks Sirius for a toy broomstick that Sirius bought Harry and briefly mentions that he nearly killed their pet cat while playing with it. Harry then thought about what became of this cat, whether it found a new owner or simply starved, having no humans there to feed it.

When Hermione Granger adopts Crookshanks, it’s explained that the cat has been there for quite a long time. This could mean that Lily Potter’s cat made its way to the Magical Menagerie, where most witches and wizards in the Harry Potter world adopt pets.

Now, while it’s a fun and nice thought that this Crookshanks belonged to Lily Potter, there is no confirmation from the source material. After all, it’s just a fan theory.

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Is Crookshanks a Normal Cat?

It is actually confirmed by the writer of Harry Potter that Crookshanks is, in fact, not a normal cat. He is actually part Kneazle, a clever, cat-like creature known for its intelligence and ability to detect suspicious and dangerous individuals.

Kneazles, while very intelligent, can be dangerous due to their occasionally aggressive nature. They are also known to be independent, so taking a liking to a witch or wizard can be rare.

However, proven by Crookshanks, they can be interbred with cats, as they are very similar creatures. A Kneazle likely bred with a normal—likely Persian—ginger cat. Crookshanks shows this heritage with his great intellect and his ability to detect generally bad individuals.

Was Crookshanks Friends with Sirius Black?

Believe it or not, Crookshanks aided Sirius Black in getting to Pettigrew. Crookshanks could recognize unsavory characters, meaning that he could see Pettigrew for who he truly was.

Also, due to the cat’s astute intellect, he figured out that Sirius was an animagus, not a real dog. Crookshanks also stole Neville Longbottom’s list of passwords to the dorms to aid Sirius.

So, yes, they knew each other and could be considered friends, though they were more like acquaintances working together to achieve the same goal.

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So, in conclusion, Crookshanks is portrayed as a ginger Persian cat in the movies but is also part Kneazle, meaning that he has increased intellect and a certain ability to recognize dangerous and suspicious characters.

Crookshanks is a mildly important side character in Harry Potter, especially in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. There are many theories surrounding the cat, such as the idea that the cat used to be Lily Potter’s pet. However, many of these theories are either debunked or not confirmed, so they shouldn’t be completely trusted.

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