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What Kind of Cat Breed is Lucifer from Cinderella? Interesting Answer

The animated movie Cinderella does have a cat named Lucifer. However, the breed is not specified and cannot be obviously guessed from the appearance of the cat. It would appear that the breed was never specified anywhere else, either. Therefore, the most accurate option would be to call the animated Lucifer a mixed breed cat, since there is no obvious origin.

However, in the live-action version of Cinderella Lucifer is played by a grey Persian. These cats are known for being a bit lazy and very lovable. They are lap-cats, first and foremost, which is one reason why they are popular.

The grey cat does look a bit different from the original, animated cat, which was white and grey. Therefore, some obvious liberties have been taken in the filming of the live-action version.

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Why Did They Name the Cat in Cinderella Lucifer?

We do not know why they named the cat this name, though it was likely in reference to his evil behaviors. The original, animated cat was based on the animator’s own feline, who had six toes and was named Feetsy. The animator was originally looking for a rather evil cat to fill in the role. However, he eventually just decided to use Feetsy as the inspiration.

We do not know what kind of cat Feetsy was, which may accurately be called Lucifer’s original breed. However, the live-action version is much different from the animated version.

The only main similarity between the animated Lucifer and the live-action Lucifer is the name. Most other characteristics are different.

Lucifer Cinderella Walt Disney Animation Studios, The Walt Disney Company
Image Credit: Characters by Walt Disney Animation Studios, The Walt Disney Company. All rights reserved to the copyright owners.

What Kind of Cat is Pom Pom in Cinderella?

Pom Pom is not a terribly well-known cat. However, she appears in Cinderella II and Cinderella III as a minor character. It’s never specified what breed this cat is, and there is not a live-action version to compare the cats. Instead, she just appears to be a plump, white feline of an unknown breed.

There is a lot of speculation about this cat’s breed. Many believe that she is a Persian, while others suggest that she is an Angora. However, there is no official breed ever listed or discussed, so we only have the appearance to go off of.

Lucifer and Pom Pom from Cinderella Secuel Walt Disney Animation Studios
Image Credit: Characters by Walt Disney Animation Studios, The Walt Disney Company. All rights reserved to the copyright owners.

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Neither Lucifer nor Pom Pom has an official breed in the animated Cinderella films. They are both technically cats of unknown breeds, though they appear similar to Persians. The cats do share similarities in art style, though this is likely because they have the same animator, not necessarily because they are the same breed.

The live-action Lucifer is a grey Persian, which does do a bit to clarify the cat’s breed. However, Pom Pom never shows up in a live-action Cinderella, so we still do not know what her breed is.

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Featured Image Credit: Characters by  Walt Disney Animation StudiosThe Walt Disney Company.  All rights reserved to the copyright owners.