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What Kind of Cat Breed Is Pusheen? The Story Behind the Popular Cat GIF

Pusheen the Cat is a fictional cartoon cat taking the internet by storm. She’s seen on comic strips, plush toys, emojis, stickers, and much more. In just a simple click, Pusheen steals your heart faster than Google can find her home page.

This adorable character is a chubby, gray tabby cat that’s very sweet and a little lazy. Many house cats (and people) can relate to her little adventures and realistic cattitude. This is one of the reasons she’s so popular. Her character is relatable, walking us through dozens of scenarios we’ve all faced a time or two.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about Pusheen, you’re in for a treat. Let’s learn more about this adorable internet sensation.

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Who Is Pusheen in Real Life? Is She Alive?

Odds are, you’ve at least seen Pusheen on your phone. You can find a Pusheen sticker or product for almost any occasion. Are you feeling sleepy? Message someone a picture of Pusheen napping. Feeling snacky? Send the photo of Pusheen holding a donut. There’s a Pusheen sticker for almost every emotion and feeling.

For a cat that expresses our emotions daily, the real Pusheen cat is a mystery. Pusheen was a childhood cat of Claire Belton, the co-creator of Pusheen. The sensational kitty was adopted when Belton was only 9 years old. According to Belton’s older comics, she occasionally visited Pusheen at her parents’ house.

While there is no definitive answer, we have to assume that Pusheen is long gone. She would be about 25 years old by now. But thanks to Belton and her co-creator Andrew Duff, Pusheen lives forever in our hearts in the form of GIFS.

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Meet The Pusheen Family

Pusheen’s stardom gave the creators some new ideas. If you love Pusheen the Cat, you’ll be glad to know that she has six other family members and friends to share the spotlight with.

  • Sloth: Sloth goes by no name other than Sloth. He’s a friendly male sloth and captures the typical characteristics of a real sloth. He takes his time and is a little lazy, which is one of the reasons why he’s friends with Pusheen.
  • Stormy: Stormy is Pusheen’s little sister and best friend. Unlike Pusheen, she’s small and has very curly fur. She’s also a bit more outgoing than Pusheen. Stormy likes adventures and has to groom herself regularly.
  • Pip: Pip is Pusheen and Stormy’s little brother. Pip is also adventurous like Stormy, only his antics get him into trouble. Pip captures the hearts of many cat owners who have curious cats with no regrets.
  • Bo: Bo is an interesting character in the Pusheen family. She’s an adorable blue parakeet and not related to the cats. However, she’s a good friend of Pusheen and strives to be an interior designer. Bo also wants to find her soul mate. People who wear their hearts on their sleeves will appreciate Bo.
  • Cheek: Cheek is a tiny, yellow hamster that is too sweet for words. He loves baking, but his snacks are always too small. He shares them anyway because he isn’t aware of his size difference.
  • Pugsheen: Pugsheen is basically the dog version of Pusheen. It’s believed that Pusheen would be a pug in a parallel universe. Thus, Pugsheen was born.

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Final Thoughts

Pusheen is the world’s favorite gray tabby. Her cat-like antics, mixed with her human-like emotions, make her the internet’s most infamous cat. It’s wonderful to know that she’s kind enough to share her spotlight with her other friends and family.

Although the real Pusheen probably isn’t alive today, we have her wonderful cartoon face to keep us company on social media. Plus, she’s even released a book! Are you tempted to cozy up with your cat and read Pusheen stories? We certainly are.

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Featured Image Credit: Mustachioed_Pizza, Pixabay