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Why Does My Cat Drink Water With Their Paw? 4 Possible Reasons

Cats drinking water with their paws is a common behavior, but it can be perplexing for owners. Many owners wonder why their cats choose to drink water using their furry paws like a little cup or paddle from the water bowl. It is very cute but also brings up the question of why does this happen? What prompts your cat to do it? What are they thinking?

There are a few key reasons why cats may choose to drink using their paws.

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The 4 Possible Reasons Your Cat Is Drinking Water With Their Paw

1. The Water Bowl Is Too Small

Cats like to have access to a large supply of water, and if their bowl is too small, they may not be able to drink water from it properly. This would cause them to use their paw as a clever way to dip into the water and get a cool refreshing sip. So, if you see your cat drinking water this way, check their bowl.

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2. The Cat Is Experiencing Whisker Fatigue

The second reason is that cats may experience whisker fatigue. This may sound like a weird and made-up condition, but if you had long hairs sticking out from your face, you might also find this is a real concern! Cats have sensitive whiskers that can be irritated by the sides of the water bowl. Therefore, cats may choose to drink water using their paw to avoid continuing this irritation. There are plenty of “whisker-friendly” bowls on the market that you can replace the old bowl with.

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Image Credit: rihaij, Pixabay
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3. They Are Just Playing

The third reason is that cats may simply be playing. Cats are naturally curious creatures and might be just experimenting or enjoying doing things differently. They like playing and interacting with their bodies, chasing their tails, or grooming themselves. When they splash around in the water with their paws, they may just be doing this as their own way of interacting, exploring, and engaging with play.

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4. The Cat Is Avoiding Stagnant Water

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Image Credit: Daria Kulkova, Shutterstock

The fourth reason is that cats may avoid stagnant water in their bowl. Cats can be picky about the water they drink, and if the water in their bowl has been standing for a while, they may choose to avoid it. This comes from an instinct to avoid standing water that can be filled with contaminants or other poisons. Cats love moving water! This may be why you catch your cat sipping at the faucet or even trying to drink from the toilet bowl. When they use their paws, it is a way to create more flow and movement around the water they have available to them. You can find water fountains for your cat online.

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Overall, cats drinking water with their paws is a common behavior that can be perplexing for owners. There are a few key reasons why cats may choose to do so, such as their water bowl is too small, whisker fatigue, playing, and avoiding stagnant water in their bowl.

Understanding these reasons can help owners better understand their cats’ behavior and provide them with the best drinking experience possible. Cats tend to be picky when keeping hydrated, so ensuring your cat has plenty to drink is essential!

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Featured Image Credit: Sample Stars, Shutterstock