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Why Do Cats Like Being Slapped on the Bottom? 8 Interesting Reasons

No matter how much we love them, no one can deny that cats can do strange things. They are daredevils that enjoy high places. They fixate on the smallest things and can sit there for hours seemingly staring at nothing. Some of them even like things a bit rough. Have you ever slapped your kitty on the bottom and noticed that they liked it? Not every cat will enjoy this type of interaction, but some, well, they love it. There are various reasons why cats could like being slapped on the bottom, and these cats will raise their rear end wanting another slap and, at times, come to you to initiate the contact.

Let’s take a look at the interesting reasons why cats like being slapped on the bottom. This will help you better understand this behavior and may even help you feel more at ease about doing it.

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The 8 Reasons Why Cats Like Being Slapped on the Bottom

1. Slapping or Patting Activates Nerve Endings

Many believe that cats have a large collection of nerve endings around the base of their tail. If this is indeed the case, slapping or patting your cat’s bottom could signal the brain to release dopamine or oxytocin. These hormones are responsible for indicating pleasure and can make your cat feel happy and content during the interaction.

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Image Credit: evrymmnt, Shutterstock
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2. Sexual Satisfaction

Female cats who haven’t been spayed go into heat every few months. Unfortunately, during this time, female cats can become quite irritated and suffer pain if they aren’t mated. You may notice them licking at their private parts or rubbing against objects in hopes of satisfying the urges they are experiencing. Slapping a cat that is in heat on the bottom can give them the satisfaction they are craving. Unaltered male cats can also get a sense of pleasure from this action. Males looking for a mate can be aggressive so proceed with caution.

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3. It Feels Like a Massage

Like humans, cats have acupressure points. They are located throughout your cat’s body. With the rump area having so many nerve endings, it only makes sense that it would also have acupressure points. Light slaps to the bottom help activate these pressure points. For some cats, it feels good. You can give your kitty a nice massage without having to pay a dime. Just remember, don’t slap your kitty too hard.

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4. Your Cat Has an Itch It Can’t Scratch

If you walk by and give your kitty a light slap on the bum and their rear raises to meet you, instantly you know they enjoyed it. Sometimes, this enjoyment comes from the fact that its skin is itching back there and it simply can’t reach it to get any relief. We’ve all watched cats groom. Most of them are very meticulous about it. Unfortunately, they can’t reach every single area of the body. Light slaps can allow you to relieve that itch for your kitty. You should always keep your eyes open, however. If your kitty is having issues with dry skin or other skin problems, reach out to your veterinarian for advice and treatment.

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5. Your Cat Likes the Attention

Whether your cat craves attention or rarely allows you to interact, a slap to the bottom shows that you care. When your cat is in the mood for you, they may see bum slapping as a reward or a bonding moment. Whether we realize it or not, our cats learn our actions. If you spank your kitty’s bottom a couple of times to show affection, they’ll want you to do it more often. They’ll even come to you when they are wanting some love.

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6. Cats See It As a Form of Play

We all know the stereotype surrounding cats that all they want to do is eat and sleep. That simply isn’t true. Cats love playing. For some, a slap to the bottom may be an indication that you want to play as well. If you pop your kitty on the rear and they instantly come alive, ready to engage in play, make sure you take part. While some cats are very independent, a bit of playtime with their humans is great for bonding and helps them get the exercise they need.

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7. It Reminds Your Cat of Grooming

While we can’t say exactly how it feels when we pet a cat, most feel that it is similar to the sensations they feel when they are grooming themselves. In case you haven’t noticed, some cats really get going during a grooming session. Especially, when they are trying to get to their backside. When you give them a slap to the bottom or even pet them, they could be reminded of how good grooming feels.

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Image Credit:
Christin Hume, Unsplash
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8. It Makes Your Cat Think of Its Mother

Kittens learn everything from their mothers. As a mother cat tends to her young, she does everything for them. She grooms them, licks them to initiate elimination, helps them learn to eat, and even corrects them when necessary. If you’ve watched a momma cat with her kittens, you’ve seen that she isn’t exactly gentle. The grooming and licks she provides are a bit rough. You must also think about how rough a cat’s tongue is anyway. Even with older cats, it’s possible that when you slap their bottom, they remember how their mothers cared for them when they were young. It could even help them bond with you as they feel that you’ll now be the one caring for them.

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As you can see, there are multiple reasons why cats like being slapped on the bottom. If your cat enjoys this type of interaction, there’s no reason to fear. Like with anything you do with your kitty, simply keep their best interests at heart. Some kitties may like their spanking to be a bit rougher, while others prefer it gentle. Never hit your kitty too hard. Their backsides are very sensitive and their bones are fragile. Just remember, once your cat finds something they like, they’ll want more of it. Don’t be surprised if you’re sitting on the sofa and your kitty decides to stick its butt in the air for a pat.

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