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Why Do Cats Like to Sit on Keyboards? 5 Possible Reasons

We’ve all walked into our office, or been working, only to have our feline pal leap up onto our desk and make himself at home on our keyboard. They don’t give up easily either and will fight you to stay in their chosen sleeping spot. While this behavior is adorable, endearing, and easy to overlook, it can become frustrating when you’re trying to work.

So, why does the cat like to sit on your keyboard? How can you stop this behavior? We’ll answer these questions and more below.

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The 5 Possible Reasons Why Cats Like to Sit on Keyboards

1. Coziness and Warmth

Cats like to be warm and cozy, and that’s what a keyboard is to them. Though we don’t think curling up on a keyboard would be all that comfy, our cats certainly do. Keyboards are warm, so cats love to curl up on top and take a snooze.

woman with cat using computer
Image Credit: ORION PRODUCTION, Shutterstock
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2. Look at Me!

In many cases, your laptop, and by extension, your keyboard, takes up all your attention as you focus on what needs to be done. Your cat might not like that the keyboard has your attention and is working to distract you from your work.

Your cat may be jealous of your laptop screen and think, “look at me, human! I’m a lot more interesting than a computer screen and keyboard.”

While it is cute if the cat realizes it can get your attention by lying on your keyboard, it’s a habit they are doomed to repeat, and you might never get any work done when the cat is in the room.

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3. Perfect Cat Nap Spot

Everyone knows cats love to curl up on their pet parent’s lap and nap. Not only is it warm, but it’s also safe and cozy as well. If you’re using a laptop, it sits on your lap for hours, meaning it smells like you.

In your cat’s opinion, this makes it the perfect spot to curl up and take a nap. It smells like you, it’s comfortable, and it’s warm; what’s not to love? Your cat could also be trying to make the keyboard smell like them to show the keyboard that you are theirs, not the keyboard.

orange cat food on laptop keyboard
Image Credit: Александар-Цветановић, Pexels
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4. Hunting Instincts

When you’re working, you’re focused on the keyboard and the screen in front of you. You’re quiet, serious, and concentrating hard. This is the same thing your cat does when preparing to hunt. Your cat may be stalking your movements as a form of entertainment and decide to leap on the keyboard.

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5. Your Cat Is a Copycat

Cats are very curious creatures, and they learn from watching what you do. It’s possible that your cat is copying you when it sits on your keyboard. They see you watching the moving objects on the screen and think it’s a game.

woman in red sweater watching laptop beside white cat
Image Credit: Karolina Grabowska,

Cat ball divider 1 Tips for Keeping Your Cat Off Your Keyboard

Sharing with your cat is nice, but when it comes to your keyboard, the cat must learn that it’s off-limits. Here are a few tips to help you keep your cat off your keyboard.

Create a Cozy Lounge Area

Since your cat is attracted to the heat and the coziness of your laptop keyboard, try creating a cozy area where the cat can lay instead. If your cat has a favorite cat tree or a tree hammock that it loves hanging out in, try moving those things into the room you’re working in.

If the spot is more comfortable than your keyboard and warmer, the cat may choose to lay in it while still being able to be close to you.

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Use Distractions

Sometimes it’s as simple as distracting your cat with toys or treats. You can also try playing with your cat before you settle down to work. If a cat has had an active play session and is tired, it’s apt to curl up beside you and sleep instead of trying to climb on your keyboard to distract you from your work.

british shorthair kitten playing with puzzle toy
Image Credit: lowpower225, Shutterstock

Ignore the Cat

Try to ignore your cat while it’s sitting on your keyboard. Don’t talk to the cat, pet it, and don’t pick it up to remove it from the keyboard. When your cat realizes you’re ignoring it and can’t grab your attention by keyboard-hopping, it will find another spot to curl up.

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Use a Reward

The one thing you should never do is punish your cat for sitting on your keyboard. It’s best to use positive reinforcement methods, such as giving the cat a treat when it doesn’t sit on the keyboard instead.

Encourage your feline to sit in the spot you’ve prepared with the bed, then reward it for good behavior when it chooses the bed instead of the keyboard.

british shorthair cat reaching for its treat
Image Credit: Nils Jacobi, Shutterstock

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Cats love to sit on our keyboards for several reasons. The warmth, the coziness, and the fact that the keyboard and the computer attached to it seem to be getting more attention than our furry friends, leads them to try to take over the keyboard for themselves.

While this is funny, cute, and laughed at by cat parents everywhere, it can become a habit you’ll find hard to break. Try using the tips above to keep your cat off your keyboard for the best results.

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Featured Image Credit: Billion Photos, Shutterstock