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Why Do Cats Like to Sleep in Sinks? 6 Interesting Reasons

Cats are notorious for sleeping in weird positions and places. Their sweet and amusing sleeping positions and bed choices make great content for photo albums and social media feeds, but when you look beyond the entertainment of their choices, it leaves you a little confused and curious.  Cats are often found curled up cozy in the bathroom sink, and once they have discovered this unusual sleeping arrangement, you may find it becomes their favorite sleeping spot.

There are some interesting reasons your cat will choose to sleep in the bathroom sink, and we’ll discuss them in detail below.

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The 6 Reasons Why Cats Like to Sleep in Sinks

1.  They Use It To Cool Down

Sinks are usually constructed out of porcelain or ceramic, and these materials can stay cool to the touch. On a hot day, your cat may slink into the sink because it is an effective method of cooling down, just like the windowsill is an ideal spot to catch the warmth of the sun.

Have you ever rested against a cool surface on a hot day and felt that instant relief? It works the same for cats, and you may find yours curled up in the basin on a warm day. The sink is also a perfect shape to hold your cat, like a nest or basket, so on a warm day when your cat is feeling hot and bothered, the sink is a perfect place to chill out.

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2. They Like The Feeling of Security

Cats love being up high. When they are higher than the ground, they feel secure. It also gives them more visibility, and for a feline that is naturally alert of predators, they will usually choose spots that are safe and secure to sleep. If a cat is feeling vulnerable and is looking for the most secure place to sleep, a sink is perfect. It’s high up, they have full view, they fit perfectly, and they can tuck their head and hide.

cat resting in the bathroom sink
Image Credit: Andreas Gradin, Shutterstock
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3. It’s Comfortable

The design of a sink provides the perfect shape for your cat’s body to curl up comfortably and gratify its innate instinct to be cozy and comfortable. It’s like a little nest that holds your cat’s body, helping it feel safe and nurtured. Cats also find other areas comfortable for the same reasons, such as cardboard boxes or even your lap, but a sink is like a perfect little cat pod.

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4. The Bathroom Sink Is a Quiet Space

Compared to other rooms, the bathroom is rarely visited, especially if it is a guest bathroom. Your cat will learn that it is usually quiet and uninterrupted, making it a perfect space to claim as a sleeping spot. Better yet, the sink makes an ideal bed on a hot day.

Cats are also sensitive to noise, like loud, sudden noises and high-frequency sounds. The bathroom is usually where these startling sounds can be avoided, and being in the sink will help them feel more alert, safe, and comfortable.

beige domestic cat lies in a white sink
Image Credit: Oleg Opryshko, Shutterstock


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5. Cats Love Drinking Out of a Faucet

Even though cats are usually given a bowl of fresh water, many can’t help but drink water from running faucets. Cats even enjoy drinking out of the toilets! This may add to the reasons why cats love bathrooms in general. It is also said that some cats have trouble seeing still water, and they prefer to drink from faucets.

You may have noticed your cats pawing at a glass of water to see what’s inside because they can’t see the surface. Some cats also feel uneasy drinking from a bowl placed in the corner since they feel their backs are exposed, and drinking from a faucet helps them feel more in control of their environment.

Your cat may stay close to the faucet in the sink, perhaps hoping that you will come to turn it on or it will magically turn on itself.

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6. Cats Love Bathrooms

For many of the reasons we mentioned above, cats seem to love bathrooms in general. It is a place where they can play and sleep uninterrupted. It’s quiet and peaceful and even has a source of running water.

cat drinking from faucet
Image Credit: Sample Stars, Shutterstock

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How To Keep Your Cat Out of the Sink

For some cat owners, sharing your sink with your cat may not be an issue, but some may prefer that their cat finds a new sleeping spot. Cats can be stubborn, especially when it comes to their peace and quiet, but if you need to keep your kitty out of your sink, you can break through the stubbornness. Here are some tips to keep your furball out of your sink:

  • The obvious technique is to keep the door closed, and perhaps the windows too. This won’t have to be indefinite; it’s only for a short time while your cat gets the message. Consider putting a note on the door for fellow family members and guests to ensure the door is never left open.
  • Try to replicate their sleeping spot. Try creating the same shape at the same height, like a cat tree with an appropriate nest or pod.
  • You can repel your cat from the sink by adding a scent they don’t enjoy, such as mint or citrus.
  • Placing aluminum foil in the sink may also deter your cat.
cat in the bathroom
Image Credit: Mathilde Langevin, Unsplash

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The sink is an everyday favorite for cats to rest and sleep. A sink always stays cool, so it is a great spot for cats to cool down, and it fits their body shape perfectly. It’s high up, providing your cat with a sense of security, and there is a source of running water that they know will get turned on at some point. If you are content sharing your sink with your kitty, you will be pleased to know that it is nothing to be concerned about, but if you prefer your cat to sleep somewhere else, it’s best to keep the door closed and create a similar spot that your cat will grow to love.

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Featured Image Credit: Burunduk’s, Shutterstock