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Why Do Cats Put Their Butt in Your Face? 5 Reasons for This Behavior

Have you ever been put in the awkward situation of having a cat’s butt right in your face? You could be minding your own business and reading or working on your laptop and suddenly your cat jumps up and gives you an eyeful.

If you’ve ever wondered why your cat sticks her butt in your face, here are the top five reasons behind this intrusive behavior.

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1. A Gross Greeting

A cat butt presentation is a huge component of cat greetings. Often, when two cats meet one another for the first time and the initial hissing subsides, they’ll sniff each other along the face and neck. This is comparable to a handshake between humans.

Once they’re comfortable around one another, they’ll start smelling flanks. A raised tail and exposed nether region is the ultimate in intimate cat greetings. It’s the feline equivalent of a long hug among old friends. Consider a cat butt in your face a big hug from your kitty.

2. To Show She’s Harmless

 A raised tail tells other felines that a cat isn’t a threat. In fact, cats are more likely to approach a cat with a raised tail than with one with a horizontally positioned tail.

When your cat sticks her butt in your face, she’s basically telling you that she’s your BFF, not an enemy.

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3. She’s Itchy

 Many cats can suffer from a flea allergy. Even if your cat is bitten once by a single flea, it can send a violent itching reaction all over her body. The itchiness is often localized right above the tail, which is a very tough spot for your cat to scratch. If your cat needs a helping hand relieving her itchiness, she may be trying to tell you by putting her bum in your face.

If you think your cat is suffering from a skin allergy or flea problem, schedule an appointment with your vet.

4. The Inside Scoop

Cats will communicate with one another mainly through smell. Your cat may be trying to do the same with you. If your cat puts her butt in your face, she may be trying to tell you inside information about her health, gender, and age. Cats have sensitive glands all over their bodies, and the glands located under her tail can tell another cat (or you) about her health statistics.

5. She Loves You

Your cat may be sticking her butt in your face as a sign of love and affection. This behavior is deeply rooted and comes from mother cats cleaning their kittens everywhere, including under their tails.

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Image Credit: absolutimages, Shutterstock

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The Bottom Line on Cat Butts

Even though you may think a cat butt in your face is weird and gross, your cat considers it to be an act of love or a friendly greeting among old pals. In the wild, cats will use their bodies to communicate with each other, and their backsides speak volumes.

If your kitty sticks her bum in your face, gently push it to the side and go about your business. You can even give her a good scratching at the base of her tail to return her gesture of adoration and friendship.

Featured Image: Seregraff, Shutterstock