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Why Do Stray Cats Like Me? 7 Interesting Reasons

There are few things in the world more flattering than being approached by a cat you don’t know. For some people, though, stray and loose cats approach them seemingly everywhere they go.

Why do some people have such strong cat magnetism? Knowing why stray cats approach some people might help you find ways to improve your cat magnetism, ensuring you find a feline friend everywhere you go.

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The 7 Reasons Stray Cats Might Like You

1.  It’s a Friendly Cat

Some cats are exceptionally friendly, which makes them prone to approaching just about everyone. This isn’t common in feral cats, but if you have a friendly neighborhood stray that is used to being around people, you shouldn’t be too surprised by the cat approaching you.

It’s very possible that you’re being approached by friendly stray cats that just want to get some gentle ear scratches from you. Some cats just like to spend time socializing, whether it’s with people or other animals, and they will approach everyone that seems friendly enough.

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2. You Have the Right Vibes

There is a running joke that cats are always attracted to the person in the room who doesn’t like cats. As funny as it may be, there is some truth to this.

Cats tend to be attracted to people who make them feel safe and comfortable, and in many cases, the person paying the least attention to the cat is the person that makes the cat feel safe and comfortable. This is because cats are particular animals, and they are not big fans of having attention and affection forced on them.

If you are a laid-back kind of person who isn’t seeking out the attention of stray cats, then stray cats may find you approachable because you make them feel safe.

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Image Credit: evgenii mitroshin, Shutterstock
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3. You Have Food

One thing we can all get behind is hanging out with people who have snacks with them. Stray cats may find you especially appealing if you are a person with yummy treats. If a cat is hungry enough, they may approach people who have food, whether it’s people food or cat food. If you are the person who feeds stray cats in your area, it’s very likely that they will begin to associate you with food. When a stray cat associates you with food, you can expect them to begin approaching you, especially around feeding time.

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4. You Spend Time in Their Territory

Even if you aren’t the person who feeds the stray cats, they may become used to your presence if you spend a lot of time in their territory. This may be because the cat’s territory crosses over with your territory, like if stray cats commonly spend time around your yard or along your daily walking commute. It also may be because you enter the cat’s territory regularly, like if you spend a lot of time providing care and attention to strays or even visiting the park that they live in.

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Image Credit: Rodrigo Munoz Sanchez, Shutterstock
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5. It’s Curious

The phrase, “curiosity killed the cat” didn’t appear out of nowhere one day. It’s well known that cats are curious animals that may even let their curiosity get them into sticky situations. If you cross paths with a particularly curious stray cat, then they very well might approach you or even follow you.

This is more likely to occur with a cat that is somewhat used to being around people, but some extra friendly and curious feral kitties may also decide to approach you to sniff you or ask for food or pets.

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6. The Cat Wants Attention

Some cats love getting attention from anyone, and these friendly kitties may approach you. However, there are other reasons that a stray cat may approach you. Cats can be perceptive and intelligent animals that are capable of understanding that people can help them.

It’s possible that a stray cat may approach you to get your attention if they need your attention. It’s not unheard of for a stray cat to seek out human attention when they or another cat are injured or in a dangerous situation.

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7. It’s Not Actually a Stray

There is always the possibility that you’re being approached by stray cats that aren’t strays at all. If you live somewhere with a large number of outdoor cats, then it’s very likely that the stray cats are willingly approaching you because they are fully socialized cats that are owned by someone.

They may be approaching you because they’re a friendly cat that wants your attention or snacks, but if you’re consistently being approached by stray cats, then there’s a good chance that at least some of the cats belong to someone.

woman photographs a stray cat with a smartphone
Image Credit: Serhii Ivashchuk, Shutterstock

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Stray vs. Feral Cats

There are notable differences between stray and feral cats, and you’re far more likely to be approached by the average stray cat than a truly feral cat. Since cats are domestic animals, they aren’t capable of being truly wild. Wild domestic animals are considered feral, which essentially means their domestication has been reversed. This can be permanent or temporary. Some feral cats can be successfully socialized and incorporated into homes, while some will never gain the trust or comfort of people no matter what.

Feral cats are technically stray cats in that they don’t have a home. Not all stray cats are feral cats, though. Stray cats can also be fully socialized cats that don’t have homes for a variety of reasons. Whether they’ve been dumped or were born on the streets to a fully socialized cat, stray cats can be friendly and outgoing cats.

There is also a possibility that a stray cat is a cat that has gotten lost from its home. If you spot an unfamiliar cat that will let you approach it, it’s a good idea to check the cat for a collar and tag so you can help get it back home if it has a home to go to.

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Image Credit: Lea Rae, Shutterstock

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Stray cats come in all shapes and sizes, and not all of them will willingly approach everyone. While some stray cats will approach anyone that will pay attention to them, some people simply have cat magnetism that makes them appealing to stray cats.

There are multiple reasons that you may find yourself being approached by stray cats. If you want to start attracting stray cats, then the best way to do so is to gain their trust by giving them food, care, and plenty of time, space, and patience.

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Featured Image Credit: dimitrisvetsikas1969, Pixabay