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Why Does My Cat Walk on Me? 6 Reasons For This Behavior

If you have a cat that walks all over you either when you’re awake or when you’re sleeping, you may find it strange and possibly even annoying. It’s natural to wonder what the cause of this behavior could be, and we’re going look at several possible explanations.

Join us while we review the most popular theories for why you’re cat walks and stands on you. We will also discuss possible alternatives you can try to curb this behavior if it’s bothering you wherever possible.Cat ball divider 1

6 Reasons Cats Stand on You

We’ve scoured the Internet and listen to hundreds of testimonials, and these are the reasons people believe their cats stand on them.

1. They love you

cat getting scratches
Image Credit: Iryna Imago, Shutterstock

Many people believe that the reason the cat stands on you, especially when you’re sleeping or watching TV is simply that it loves you and wants to be near you. Many pet owners notice that when they go to the bathroom, or they go upstairs or into a different room, the cat will often follow. This following action shows that your pet likes to be near you and sitting on your lap or standing on you is the next logical step to following you.

What can I do about it?

Most pet owners like having their cats follow them around, so they don’t need to worry if they’re getting into mischief. Also, having a pet that loves you is not something most pet owners want to change. If they’re jumping on you while you’re awake, the best thing to do is just to put them down on the floor beside you gently. If they’re standing on you while you were sleeping, we recommend the same approach, but you can also try to alter their sleep pattern too.

What we mean by changing your cat sleep pattern is to tire them out before bedtime. We recommend engaging your cat in some high-intensity activity for a few minutes before bed. The laser pen works great, and your cat can run long distances if you have space in your home. They will often try to climb walls and jump up and down on furniture chasing the , which will expel a great deal of energy. Always use a low wattage laser and never shine it in your cat’s eyes.

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2. They trust you

cat trusting owner
Photo credit: canaros, Pixabay

The next reason many people believe that their cat stands on them is that their pet trusts them not to hurt them. Most of us know that cats are very wary of strangers and will quickly run and hide upon meeting someone new. Therefore, it’s logical to assume that if the cat is standing on you, it trusts that you will not harm it, so it does not need to hide.

What can I do about it?

Most pet owners want their pets to trust them, so once again, you’ll need to put them down gently if they stand on you. If they’re keeping you up at night, the best thing to do is to tire them out before bed. If you don’t like using laser lights, we recommend a long rope or with a long rope attached. This simple toy can give your cat quite a workout and almost rivals that of the laser which can help your cat sleep through the night

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3. To show ownership of you

cat with owner
Photo credit: Deedee86, Pixabay

Many people believe that the reason cats stand on you is to claim ownership. Cats claim ownership over things by putting their scent on them, and many believe the cats can pass their sent through their paws as they walk over you.

What can I do about it?

If your cat is finding the need to mark you as their territory or property, there may be some reason. If you have multiple pets your cat may feel the need to mark you as their territory to the other pets. If you notice your pet feels the need to mark territory because of other pets in your home, you may get some relief from a pheromone diffuser. release pheromones into the air that help to soothe your cat, especially when the stress is caused by another cat.

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4. To get your attention

cat asking for cuddles
Photo credit: 99mimimi, Pixabay

I think we can all agree it’s pretty hard to ignore a cat when it’s standing on your lap or walking up and down you as you sleep. Cats are intelligent and learn this quickly. They will use it anytime they want your undivided attention and it will likely be successful every time.

What can I do about it?

You can try to ignore the behavior but it’s unlikely you will be successful, especially when you’re sleeping. We recommend the same steps as we did previously, such as putting them down gently on the floor next to you playing games or toys to wear them down before bed. Sometimes products like can help deter the cats from standing on you if you can put up with the strangeness of putting tape on you for a few days.

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5. You are a nice perch

cat on shoulder
Image Credit: Olga Visavi, Shutterstock

Many people believe that a cat is using you as a perch when it stands on you, especially if there are other pets in the home. Cats like high places and your lap and shoulders can provide a great vantage point while you’re awake, and if you sleep on your side, your hip is a nice place to sit and look around.

What can I do about it?

If you look around your home and don’t see a lot of places that can act as a perch for your cat, then there is indeed a good possibility that part of the reason your cat stands on you is that you make a nice perch. The best solution to this problem is to add more spots that can act as a perch to your home. There are many DIY ways to build an easy perch for your cat, and many times a tall chair for barstool will do. There are also available that allow your cat to look outside.

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6. You are warm and comfortable

cat playing with owner
Photo credit: Andrew Kota, Pexels

If your cat has just begun to stand on you, and it is getting to be winter, there’s a good chance that your cat is cold and looking for your warm body to get some heat. Cats often like to snuggle and will often seek out the warmest person during the winter months.

What can I do about it?

If your cat is cold, the best thing you can do is create a warm habitat or bed for it to sleep. You can use an old box, and there are plenty of cat shelters for sale, but we have found that a large fleece blanket is one of their favorites. They tend to knead this and then take long naps.

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7. They are exploring

Cats are very curious and love to explore. It’s not unusual to find a cat climbing on just about anything in your home, and your body is no exception. There is a strong possibility that your cat is simply exploring, and you have provided it with a new surface.

What can I do about it?

Besides wearing your cat out before bed, you might also try supplying areas for them to explore, like open boxes,  crates, and . They love that may supply your cat with enough entertainment to satisfy its exploring needs.

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We hope this article has been successful in helping you understand some of the reasons behind your cat’s behavior. In most cases having your cat jump on you during the day is not a problem, but it can become frustrating at night if it happens regularly. Hopefully, some of the solutions we’ve offered will provide relief. If we have helped you understand a little more about your cat, please share this guide for why your cat walks on you on Facebook and Twitter.

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