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Why Does Your Cat Sit on Things You Are Using? 4 Common Reasons

What is the deal with your cat sitting on things you are using? There are countless videos on social media of individuals trying to work on the computer or read a book and their cat just wants to use it as a resting place. So, what gives?

Here are four reasons your cat would rather sit on whatever object you are using rather than anything or anywhere else in the house.

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The 4 Reasons Why Your Cat Sits on Things You Are Using

1. It Smells Like You

Cats have a powerful sense of smell. They also know and love your scent. In fact, their sense of smell is forty times more sensitive than that of humans, and they are guided primarily by what they smell rather than what they can see.

When your cat sits on something you are using, it may be because the scent is stronger on the things you are using at the moment. Since the items you are using will smell like you, it is a happy, comforting place for them.

So, in the future, when your cat is annoying you and climbing on whatever you are using, remember that it just wants to feel safe and cuddle with you.

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2. Your Cat Is Being Territorial

One thing is for sure, cats are territorial and are known to mark. Since cats have scent glands in their feet and faces, they will climb on and rub on anything they want to mark. When they climb on the things you are using, they leave their pheromones on the items to mark it as their territory and claim it as their own.

Cats rely on their scent for boundaries and a way of knowing that something is safe. Over time, as the scent fades, the cat will continue to mark it to feel safe and to let other cats know it belongs to you or we mean, your cat.

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Image Credit: hrypov, Pixabay
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3. The Cat Wants Your Attention

Have you ever noticed that they always want your attention when your focus is on something else? They do not want to share you with other things, so they will purposely climb on your computer or book. It is not a fluke that they end up landing on whatever it is that you are touching or looking at. It is a purposeful act and their way to let you know your attention needs to be on them and not the object on which you are working.

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4. A Warm Place to Land

Cats love to hang out in places that are warm to regulate their body temperature. When you are holding things in your hands, like your laptop for instance, it will make the surface warm. Your cat finds these objects to be the perfect place to get warm and cozy.

So, once again, the next time you get frustrated because your cat is sitting on the object you are using, remember that it may be looking to keep its temperature up.

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Yes, cat owners will laugh and make jokes about how their cats will do things to purposely annoy them. Climbing on the objects they are using is one of those things. As you can see, there may be legitimate “cat” reasons for this behavior. Our favorite is that they just want to be close to you!

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Featured Image Credit: Monika Wisniewska, Shutterstock