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Will Music Make Cats Sleep? The Interesting Answer

We all love our feline companions. We love how they play, snuggle, and lay in our lap. However, what we don’t enjoy is a cat running through the house at top speed in the middle of the night when we have to get up at 6 am the next morning. That’s why many cat parents wonder if music will make their cats sleep. Well, it seems that the answer is yes! Music has a calming effect on cats, which translates to the cat going to sleep, and you being able to get some sleep as well.

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Music Has a Calming Effect on Felines

Music is known to influence emotions and has long been used in vet’s offices to keep pets calm so that visits will be easier on the animal. There are certain types of music that seem to work particularly well for cats.

It’s been said that even fighting Tomcats calm down when they hear music from a nearby home. Playing music in your home and vehicle may help your cat relax and fall asleep.

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Image Credit: Ebowalker, Pixabay

What Type of Music Upsets Cats?

While classical tunes may help your pet sleep and relax, there are certain types of music you don’t want to play around cats. These include songs with heavy bass because it stresses felines out and upsets them; it’s best to avoid playing heavy metal around your cat if you want it to relax. Regardless of the type you play, it’s best to keep the volume low. High-decibel noise can make your cat anxious and run for cover.

What Is the Best Music to Put Your Cat to Sleep?

Classical is the best music for calming a cat down and helping them go to sleep. If you don’t have a classical music collection, you can play a public radio station that features classical works. There is also specific cat music that you can find on YouTube, which is designed to relax felines because of the high frequencies that they can hear.

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Final Thoughts

While music can put your cat to sleep and keep it calm when it’s over-excited, some genres may have the opposite effect. You’ll need to play classical music or cat-specific music if you want to calm your cat. Remember, heavy metal and songs with deep bass will only upset your cat, so put your friend in another room if you’re going to be playing that type of music.

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Featured Image Credit: KatinkavomWolfenmond, Pixabay